The molinillo is a traditional Mexican kitchen utensil, that has been used for centuries to make froth in hot chocolate. It is made of a single piece of wood. The top part, typically thick and round, has decorations and indentations. A number of loose, movable rings follow. Lastly a round handle that is soft and round making it easy to beat with your hands. All of the decorations, shapes and pieces are made to create the most froth possible.

Though it is not that easy to find molinillos outside of Mexico, any market in any part of Mexico will likely have not only one, but different kinds to choose from…

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  1. I bought one years ago because I thought is was an amazing piece of craftsmanship. I had no idea what it was for until I saw you use it. I learn something new (more than one thing) from you every time I watch your program!

  2. My grandmother had given me one along with some other fancy wooden kitchen tools . I didn’t know what they were. I wish I still had ithem! I did find one on Amazon for about 9 dollars. Thank you for showing us what it is how do use it.

  3. I walked miles to find a Molinillo in Mexico, and could not obtain one, so back home, in Colorado, in a thrift store, for
    $ 1.00, I purchased a very fancy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thrills!!!!! I love mine……..