The very first class I taught at the Mexican Cultural Institute, after I switched from being a policy analyst at the Inter American Dialogue, was October 18, 2007.

I remember the date exactly, because it was a day after Sami’s 6th birthday. For months, I had been teaching him and his two brothers, Alan who was then 8 and Juju who was just 1, how to make sopes every night for at least 3 months.

I had been so nervous about teaching in front of a live audience that, instead of telling them our usual bed time story about an imaginary and mischievous monkey called Waba-Waba, I had switched to a nightly cooking demo. They were as loving and kind and patient as they are with me to this day, did not complain, and pretended to be making sopes along with me.

I started the classes at the Institute in an attempt to share my love for Mexican cuisine and culture and to try to open a much wider window into its richness, diversity and surprising accessibility. I wanted to help break misconceptions about our food and our people and invite people north of the border to make use of our ingredients, techniques and recipes to enrich their own kitchens.

The very first dish that I shared was sopes. I even found a photo of that day… and you can see Rosa and I showing how to make sopes many ways, with our hands, using a rolling pin, with a tortilla press…

Pati and Rosa making sopes at the Mexican Cultural Institute

Why did I choose sopes? To begin with, because they are one of my favorite things to eat! But also, because sopes helped me shine a light on so many crucial elements of Mexican cuisine…

Sopes are part of a category of dishes we Mexicans call antojos, or antojitos, which translates to little cravings. An antojo is something you can eat anytime of day and can either be a quick bite or make a full meal, depending on what you top them with… and how many you eat.

Sopes are made of corn masa, which is a cornerstone of Mexican cuisine that has existed for thousands of years. Made of nixtamalized corn, corn masa renders corn nutritious and versatile. You don’t need to nixtamalize corn yourself, you can buy masa harina, which simply mixed with water makes masa!

Sopes show how playful and versatile masa can be. They are similar to a tortilla, but they are much thicker, and the rim around it that helps contain its garnishes. They are like little edible plates.

Sopes are easy to make. Different from a corn tortilla, someone who is making sopes for the first time, doesn’t need to worry about knowing how to use a tortilla press, the correct thickness, or the technique for making them puff up. They are much more forgiving.

Sopes are also accessible: you can make them ahead of time, vary the toppings, assemble in a few minutes, dress them up or dress them down. I always, always, add a layer of refried beans, a tasty salsa and either tangy, salty and crumbly queso cotija or queso fresco, crumbled on top.

To boot, sopes are super fun to make by yourself or with friends or with your kids.

So as you can see, sopes helped me achieve many things: they helped me show how accessible, forgiving, fun, filling, nutritious, versatile, rich and delicious Mexican food is.

You can follow along with this video too…

To this day, I am still proudly teaching at the Institute where I am the resident chef 11 years after I started. I am also serving sopes any chance I get.


12 sopes
Pati Jinich
Course: Appetizer, Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: cotija, queso fresco, refried beans, sopes, Tomatillo Salsita
Author:Pati Jinich
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes
Sopes recipe from Pati's Mexican Table Season 6, Episode 10 "How I Got to Now"


To make the Sopes:

  • 2 cups masa harina or corn tortilla flour, such as Maseca
  • 2 cups water, more if needed
  • Pinch kosher or coarse sea salt

To serve:

To Prepare

  • Heat a comal or skillet over medium heat until very hot.
To make the sopes:
  • Combine the masa harina, water and salt, kneading in a revolving motion with your hands. Knead for a couple of minutes, until dough is smooth and has no lumps. If it feels too dry, add a bit more water.
  • Divide the dough into 12 balls, each about 2-inches in diameter. Line the bottom of a tortilla press with circles cut from a thin plastic bag (like the ones from the produce section of your grocery store). One at a time, place a ball of dough onto the plastic lining the bottom of the tortilla press, and top with another layer of plastic. Press down to make a flat disk as thick as a pancake, about 1/4-inch thick (much thicker than a tortilla). You can also flatten and form them by hand. Repeat with all 12 balls.
  • As you make them, place each sope on the hot comal or skillet. Let them cook about one to two minutes on each side, until opaque and speckled, and they can be flipped without sticking.
  • Take them off the comal and place them on a chopping board. Using a kitchen towel to protect your fingers, make a rim around each sope by pressing and pinching with your fingers along the edges. Return them to the comal or skillet, and let them cook for one or two more minutes per side, until thoroughly cooked.
  • If eaten the same day, they may be kept wrapped in a clean kitchen towel. If not, wrap them in a kitchen towel or paper towel, and store inside a closed plastic bag in the refrigerator. They will keep for up to 3 days, afterwards they will turn too hard. Reheat on hot comal or skillet for a couple minutes before eating. They can also be frozen and kept for months.
To serve:
  • Once the sopes have been thoroughly cooked and warmed, place on a platter and add a generous tablespoon of refried beans, shredded lettuce, crumbled cheese, chopped onion and Quick Roasted Salsita. Salsa may be left on the side for people to add as much as they like.

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  1. i have been chasing the perfect sopes for years, trying to match the taste i experienced as a young boy. my parents used to take me and my siblings to a local taqueria every Sunday evening for dinner. The sopes were my favorite. Over the years i have tried sopes up and down the State of California unable to find my ‘perfect sopes’. i am going to try your recipe and hopefully I’ll find the taste i loved as a youth. Love your show!!!

  2. Hi Patti
    I have been watching your show on Foxtel here in Adelaide South Australia. I have your books and made some of your dishes for the my family, they loved it. Thank you for teaching me about Mexican cuisine . I am very much a keen learner and have just found where I can buy authentic Mexican ingredients in Adelaide to cook on a regular basis . Thank you.

    1. Yay Daisy, so glad you are able to find Mexican ingredients there. Thanks for the kind words and remember the new season premieres on October 3 all the way from Sonora 😉

  3. Just tried to make these sopes for the first time and they came out great! Thanks for your clear and easy to follow instructions, Pati.

  4. Hi Pati, we love soaps but i used harina masarepa well that did not come out good at all. can you please tell me which one to buy. Yesterday i made sopa de tortilla that was awesome. love your recipes . thank you for teaching through your videos love that.

    1. Hi Rosa, masa harina for arepas is completely different from the corn masa that you use to make tortillas, sopes, etc. You need to look for masa harina for tortillas or for Maseca. Good luck!

  5. We love these sopes! I made these tonight in celebration of my wife’s one year anniversary of taking Spanish. Friggin delicious! There’s also an ice storm raging here in Iowa, so a taste of a warmer climate was welcome.

    Thank you, Pati, for your glorious recipes, amazing show, and for sharing the rich history so deeply embedded in Mexican cuisine.

    And thank you for teaching me the proper way to cook black beans. I’ve got five quarts of them cooling in the kitchen. That should be enough to get us through this storm. Maybe.

  6. I made your sopes, and everything came out fantastic, except the tortillas. I followed the recipe, but when I put the dough in the tortilla press (with round parchment paper on both sides), it would stick to the paper. I tried more and less water, but never had success. The dough would also stick to my fingers. I tried three nights in a row. I’ll keep trying though!, the recipe is so great. BTW, I used an InstantPot to cook beef tinga to add to the dish, which came out great.

  7. I found item so easy to make. Followed the recipe not changing a thing. The grandkids loved them and now I have them helping me and they want them every weekend. I have made so many of Pati’s recipes and will continue to try many more. I loved your Cinco DE MAYO SHOW on Channel 13,3 KERA in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I watch your show daily. I look forward to making even more of your recipes and visiting with you on your travels through Mexico and Mexican Quisine.

  8. Hola Patti.
    i am writing to you to let you know how much i love your show. I watch Patti’s Mexican Table every morning on wgbx channel 16 Out of the Boston area. It is such a great way that i start my day. I am so inspired when you travel to Mexicir o. I watched every episode of your trip on the baja Peninsula. I can’t wait to go there. I have eaten sopes and they are one of my favorite foods they are so delicious and pretty to eat. I used to live in the east Boston area of the Boston area. My favorite restaurant in East Boston is Cancun it has the best sopes and they also have excellent sangria as well , actually all their food is good. They also have a sister restaurant ,I eat a very good
    Mexican style breakfast with eggs and chorizo with avocado, beans and fresh tortillas. There are quite a few Mexican and El Salvedorian cuisine Restaurant in East Boston an area i think you would love to explore. Thank you for showing me how awesome Mexico is.

    1. Oh that sounds like a super yum idea. I hope to get to Boston soon, Karen. Thank you so much for the suggestion and for tuning in!

  9. As soon as I saw this recipe I thought of my mother. You are the second person I know who knows of sopes. My mom fried the sopes instead. She topped them with chorizo refried beans, lettuce, queso blanco, and tomato. Oh! How it brings me back memories of my childhood. I can taste them right now.

  10. I have 8 weeks leave from work coming up but I can’t do strenuous work because I will be recuperating so I was thinking of what to do? I luv your cooking show and the recipes I’ve already tried are huge hits with my family. So, I am planning on cooking thru your cooking shows starting with Season1. Your warmth and recipes bring back so many memories of my childhood. I hope to bring that warmth into my own home and am so excited to get started..Blessings to you and your familia and may Dios give you many many more years of sharing your stories and recipes..

    1. I hope you have a very speedy recovery, Lenalu! And have so much fun cooking your way through the show…let me know how it goes. Hugs!

  11. Hi Pati,
    I remember that some people dip the sopes in enchilada sauce and fry them. I also remember them putting the frijoles in a blender so they’re runny and pouring it on the sopes. Does that sound weird?

  12. Sopes are one of my favorite things mi abuelita would make when I was a child. Thank you for sharing this recipe and video. I’d love to sit down and share some with you! ❤️ I really enjoy your recipes, your show and your cookbooks.

  13. My mother and grandma used to cook many Mexican dishes for the braceros in the 40’s and 50’s. They became masters at making all types of Mexican dishes, tortillas and many delicacies; I kept many of their recipes. Your cooking style reminds me so much of them. Thank you!

  14. I actually love homemade next day mash potatoes grilled tacos. With just a bit of chili sauce…red. oh so yummy.

  15. I love your show!! You have a great personality and I thinks it’s wonderful how excited you are to teach us your recipes! My favorite Mexican snack food is guacamole! I could eat it with a spoon! 😂

  16. I love sopes!!!!! My grandma used to make them with different food like machaca form sonora, chicharron and my favorite with carne desebrada and tinga!! Viva La Comida Mexicana!!❤️

  17. I love all kinds of Mexican food, especially since you Pati show how easy it is to make. Best Cooking show on tv. Thank u for sharing all your recipes!! Your the best Pati. ❤🍴🍴

  18. I love all kinds of Mexican food, especially since you Pati show how easy it is to make. Best Cooking show on tv. Thank u for sharing all your recipes!! Your the best Pati. ❤🍴🍴

  19. For a quick snack I usually go for a quesadilla, filled with whatever leftovers I have in the frig (carnitas is my favorite)

  20. I like Queso or Guacamole and chips. This recipe looks wonderful I have never had Sopes I must try this. Thanks for sharing how to make these.

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  22. Fresh Guacamole & chips will always rein supreme but my second favorite is corn tortilla and queso fresco quesadillas & fresh salsa for dipping!

  23. my fav dish is homeade ceviche. Love to make mine with fresh icelandic cod and a bit of chopped shrimp then all the standads:
    lime juice, tomatoes, peppers, onions etc. then the final touch is to mix lime or lemon juice, a drop or two of habenero sauce and a bit of aguave nectar in a small bowl, and incorporate this mix in the ceviche. That’s a killer ceviche !! Thanks Pati for all the wonderful tv episodes. Love it all !!!

  24. i have never tried it but i am sure i would like anything with guacamole, cheese or salsa! mexican street corn is delicious also

  25. I don’t know if I have a favorite Mexican snack, but my favorite Mexican food is grilled chicken fajitas with avocado-cilantro good! P.S. Love your show! My kids always enjoy it when your boys work in the kitchen with you!

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    My favorite antojo would be tortilla chips and salsa.

  28. I began watching Patis Tv show after living in Mexico for over 40 years. I have found her to be so refreshing and enjoyable, her receipes are wonderful and her visits to different Mexican towns are so informative. Thank you for all that you share with us.


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  34. My favorite Mexican food is SOPES!!! They bring me such good memories from my childhood! Growling up im Mwxico City was so much fun and delicious! You could find at least a “fritangas” stand in every colonia. Every birthday my mom asked us what we would like to eat! One of my sisters would ask for pozole, one of my brothers asked for costillas de puerco en salsa pasilla! But not me. I would always ask for SOPES!!!💖😋 Thank you for the recipe and bringing me such good memories!

  35. YUM! Going to make these many more times. Thank you for introducing these wonderful food choices. So much fun to make and eat as food should be.

  36. My husband loves sopes, doesn’t look too hard,so I will try making them for him. Thank you for the recipe! Btw, love your shows

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  38. Hi, Pati! Thanks for sharing this recipe. My favorite Mexican snacks are anything involving cilantro, corn tortillas, and shrimp. When I lived in California and would visit Taqueria Vallarta, my favorite local Mexican restaurant, I almost always ordered shrimp tacos with fresh pico de gallo. YUMMM!! =)

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  40. My wife is Mexican, so I try to surprise her with foods that she loved as a kid. I have made tortilla soup, pozole, and Conchas (Pan de Huevo). I love her homemade salsa with chips!

    We both love your show!

  41. I love that you are showing what real mexican food is….so wonderful and diverse, Soy de Guadalajara, vivo en New Mexico, a mi me encantan todos nuestros antojitos tradicionales, me encanta tu programa
    Gracias por tu bello trabajo

  42. I’ve never eaten sopes before but your recipe looks delicious. My mom just turned 93 and her cooking days are behind her but I’ve always thought the most delicious thing in the world of hers was a tortilla fresh off the comal spread with melted butter. Throw in a bowl of her frijoles and I was in heaven!

  43. The first time I had sopes in Mexico was in Barra de Navidad and they were filled with mashed potato and ground pork and had a super light tomato-y chicken-y broth poured over them. They were so delicious that I taught myself to make them when I got home.
    Did you try memelitas in Oaxaca? I learned to make those at the Seasons of My Heart cooking school. Those get a bit of lard and black beans. So good!!

  44. Home made salsa and chips – a little too addictive, before you know it you’re out of both & looking for more ingredients!

  45. I love your show and all the wonderful Mexican recipes you have introduced. Look forward to trying this one too. We, Canadians are eating more and more Mexican delicacies all the time.

  46. Pati, I love this recipe!! And love your show. The authenticity of the recipes take me back to my country and my Mothers kitchen. Your personality frames your show with grace, authenticity and folklore. I am Mexican, from the State of Mexico. Atizapan de Zaragoza. Way to go Pati!! Stay authentic and humble. You are the best!!

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  50. I’m not very adventurous but I’m hoping to learn some new Mexican recipes from you and broaden my cuisine horizons.

  51. I can’t wait to make these, they look absolutely delectable!
    I am a Native New Mexican, of Spanish descent. In NM, we are lucky to have a wonderful fusion of Spanish and Mexican influenced cuisine, along with various Anglo, German, African, and various other European and Central American cuisine to boot! I love our Chile, especially, fresh in the fall, and my favorite way to have it is ‘Christmas’- which we combine both red and green chiles into the same dish.
    My Favorite Mexican snack, is grilled corn, with Quest Fresco, fresh lime, and a bit of fresh pico de gallo !

  52. I am willing to try new foods that are healthy with tons of vitamin benefits. I am just afraid of heavy spice and “hot” food.

  53. My favorite Antojito would have to be the flautas (corn tortillas stuffed with chicken and fried) … or some people call then taquitos . Either ways with lettuce tomato salsa and guacamole yummmm

  54. We love watching your show. You have the best countenance! You’re so positive and inviting. And your accent! ♡U
    When I was in high school, I went to a youth camp outside of Ensenada. While there, my youth pastor took us to a food cart for fish tacos with lime & cilantro. I have craved them ever since, and even turned my mom on to them.
    Thank you for all you do! You are a joy!

  55. Sopes are the first real Mexican food I fell in love with. I’m inspired by you to make them again soon!

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  58. Hi Pati, I cannot wait to make the Sopes! Can you tell me which tortilla press you would recommend? I know nothing of these things (being an Irish Swede!), but watching the video, I think the tortilla press will come in handy when I’m making other flat-breads.

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    “Oh”! My favorite snack is anything with Carmel in it.

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  71. I gave this a shot and it was a huge hit with everyone! Set a sopes with a layer of refried beans and an assembly line of bowls filled with various veggies so each could fill with a topping of their own! This is now my go to snack for upcoming OU games!!

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    Will need to try making sopes! I enjoy watching your shows and had the privilege of meeting you at the Melissa’s Produce test kitchen in California, a couple of years ago. Enjoyed your presentation. Regards to you and your beautiful family.

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    They are also so quick and easy to make.
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    You’re so energetic and fun to watch.

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    Thanks for the recipe!

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    So many different ways to prepare it….and the flavor is unbeatable!

  91. Hola Patty:

    I think we have been communicating for all the years since you have be on public tv. My wife and I love the show and you. I especially would like to comment on your words at the beginning of email. I believe you have accomplished all that you intended to do and more. You not only a fine cook but I believe a great spokesman for the Mexican people.

    It is beyond my understanding how there is anyone that doesn’t love the Mexican people. We have bee coming to Mexico since our high school year and are no 83. We have enjoy the Mexican culture and our home is full of things from Mexico and when I return to Oregon from my final years my plans include some very special Mexican furniture and shop made decorations.

    Love the show and wish you nothing but continued success.

    You Friend, In Christ,

    Tom Satterlee

  92. Sounds like an excellent way to get acquainted with masa. Treasure hunt tomorrow. I have an aluminum tortilla press hiding somewhere around here; need to give it some daylight and try some sopes.

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    I even got my brother and sister-in-law turned on to you! They briefly lived in Merida and Isla Mujera and love seeing the area again on your show.
    You have a beautiful family! So nice to see the genuine love between you and your boys! Keep up the excellent shows!

  96. Pati,

    I love reconnecting with my Mexican heritage through your show. Gracias por tu autenticidad. My favorite snack is guacamole, and I cannot wait to try your sopes!

  97. I loved this cuisine idea! I plan to introduce Sopes to 3 special kids, young ladies now who are dear neighbors. I will invite them to my home and have them participate in my kitchen on how to make them. Will also plan to have some go home with them to share with the parents. Nothing is more satisfying then to share my Mexican roots and culture with these young ladies. Our community while diverse tends to have stereotypes of what Mexican food is and many only relate to the Taco Bell menu. Wish me luck and hope to broaden horizons and most importantly have fun by sharing. Thank you Pati Jinich for sharing this and many other wonderful Mexican cuisine recipes and ideas! Hasta la proxima! Ida from Atlanta, Georgia.

  98. I love panuchos especially those made and sold in barrio Santiago of Merida Yucatán
    Perfect with an ice cold beer!

  99. I remember these from my childhood in Nogales Arizona…your blog encourages me to try these to bring back that familiar flavor I have not had from many years now!

  100. These sopes look yummy! We are Texans living in West Virginia and the only tasty Mexican food we can find is what I cook in my own home. Our favorite meal is tamales that I learned finally the secret to making them light and fluffy from you! Pati. Now if only I could find corn husks, we have to have them mailed to us.

  101. Your blog page is really Interesting and it is really helpful to other people so they can learn how to cook different mexican meals and can be very helpful to create new things

  102. Since we discovered you on PBS, our culinary lives and thoughts about preparing the wonderful foods of Mexico have changed for the better. Over the years we have regularly gone to your web site and copied the recipes we have seen you prepare . Thank you and I hope we will be able to follow you for many years to come.
    I see you are traveling to San Diego … Wish you would plan a trip to Raleigh, North Carolina to conduct cooking demonstrations and explore how Mexican food and culture has changed our City.

    Willie D. Pilkington
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