Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales


Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales

Just when you think you completely understand something, life proves you wrong. Does that happen to you? It happens to me all the time, especially when it comes to food.

A cuisine as rich and diverse as Mexico’s needs for us to make an effort to preserve what has been passed on. But, you also have to keep an open mind to new ideas that may in turn become classics.

In that sense, I find the kitchen to be one of the most humbling places because food is always growing and evolving and taking you along, if you let it. You get to constantly learn, apply what you learn, share it, and then start all over again.

Take tamales for example. I have made countless kinds from all regions of Mexico and from different historical times. I have wrapped them in dried and fresh corn husks, banana leaves, hoja santa leaves…practically any and every edible leaf I know of in Mexico. I have learned to make them with raw masa, with masa colada, with rice flour masa, with normal wheat flour masa and even with no masa! I have done savory and sweet, with fillings that range from picadillo to marzipan and beyond. You name it, I have probably tried it.

I thought I had the tamales from the city of Oaxaca nailed down. Then, a few months ago, as we were filming Season 6 of Pati’s Mexican Table there, I was amazed to try a new tamal at Criollo, Chef Luis Arellano’s new restaurant. Its masa was made with pumpkin and filled with sweet refried beans laced with piloncillo. The only way to describe it is brilliant!

Back in my kitchen, I was inspired by the possibility of not only flavoring the masa, but enriching it with a starchy vegetable to lend taste, consistency and color. I came up with this sweet potato tamal filled with savory refried beans.

When the time came to test and play around with it, I was reminded of how important it is to appreciate the lessons that have stood the test of time. In the case of tamales: to review our technique for steaming, for assembling, for achieving a good masa. So we can still call our new creation something worthy of the name TAMAL.

Given the addition of the starchy sweet potatoes, I ended up having to test the idea quite a few times to achieve a very fluffy, yet tasty masa.

In the end, I am very happy with this one! The masa is puffy and moist, and its barely sweet flavor contrasts nicely with the savory, earthy taste of the refried beans. I also took the liberty of drizzling them with crema and topping with salty queso fresco.

And, because my friends from FUD USA and I want to hear what your favorite tamales are, and mostly, we want you to be able to make them for the holidays, we’re giving away 5 tamaleras and each with a copy of my cookbook. Are you in? Go right here to enter.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales

Tamales de Camote con Frijol
12 tamales
Pati Jinich
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: black beans, pati's mexican table, queso fresco, sweet potato, Tamales
Author:Pati Jinich
Prep Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Cook Time: 55 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours 25 minutes
I thought I had the tamales from the city of Oaxaca nailed down. Then, a few months ago, as we were filming Season 6 of Pati’s Mexican Table there, I was amazed to try a new tamal at Criollo, Chef Luis Arellano’s new restaurant. Its masa was made with pumpkin and filled with sweet refried beans laced with piloncillo. The only way to describe it is brilliant! Back in my kitchen, I was inspired by the possibility of not only flavoring the masa, but enriching it with a starchy vegetable to lend taste, consistency and color. I came up with this sweet potato tamal filled with savory refried beans.


  • 2 pounds sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup lard or vegetable shortening
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher or coarse sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 2/3 cups corn masa flour or masa harina, (such as Maseca)
  • 1/2 cup chicken or vegetable broth
  • 24 dried corn husks
  • 2 cups refried beans
  • 1 cup Mexican crema
  • 1 cup queso fresco, crumbled

To Prepare

  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Wrap the sweet potatoes in aluminum foil. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes or until completely cooked and soft. Remove from the oven. When cool enough to handle, cut open and scoop out the cooked pulp into a bowl. Set aside to cool.
To make the tamal masa:
  • Place the lard or vegetable shortening and 1/2 teaspoon of salt into a mixer, and beat over medium speed until very light, about 1 minute. Reduce speed to low, add baking powder and sugar, and take turns adding the corn masa flour and the broth. Raise speed back to medium and continue beating another 6 to 7 minutes, until the dough is homogeneous. In batches, add the cooled sweet potato pulp and continue beating for another 5 to 6 minutes, until the masa looks fluffed up.
To assemble the tamales:
  • Soak the dried corn husks in hot water for a couple minutes, or until they are pliable, and drain. Lay out a corn husk with the tapering end towards you. Spread about 1/3 cup masa into about a 2” to 3” square, the layer should be about 1/4” thick, leaving a border of at least 1/2” on the sides. Place about 2 teaspoons of refried beans in the middle of the masa square.
  • Pick up the two long sides of the corn husk and bring them together (you will see how the masa starts to swaddle the filling) and fold them to one side, rolling them in same direction around tamal. Fold up the empty section of the husk with the tapering end, from the bottom up. This will form a closed bottom and the top will be left open. Gently squeeze from the bottom to the top to even the filling out without pressing to hard. As you assemble all the tamales, place them as upright as you can in a container.
To prepare the tamalera or steamer:
  • Place water in the bottom pan of a steamer, so that water is under the steamer basket or rack, and bring it to a simmer. Line the steamer with one or two layers of soaked corn husks.
To cook the tamales:
  • When you have all tamales ready, place them as vertically as you can, into the prepared steamer with the open end on top. If there is space left in the steamer, tuck in some corn husks, so the tamales won’t dance around. Cover with more corn husks, and steam covered with a lid for 55 minutes to an hour. You know the tamales are ready when they come easily free from the husks. They will still be moist, and as they are released from the husks – you will see the moisture, like when you remove good moist muffins from their paper baking cups.
  • Finished tamales will stay warm for about 2 hours in the steamer. They can be made ahead several days before and stored in refrigerator, well wrapped. They can also be frozen for months. In either case, reheat in a steamer. For refrigerated tamales, it will take about 20 minutes and about 45 minutes for frozen tamales.
  • You can serve with a spoonful of Mexican crema and crumbled queso fresco on top.

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  1. I recently made this recipe and the tamales were delicious. It reminded me of the tamales we at for Christmas dinner in LaPaz, Mexico. I shared with my daughter and some friends and got rave reviews as well.

    It was the first time I had ever made tamales but the recipe was very easy to follow. Because I’m mostly vegetarian, I substituted solid coconut oil for the lard. I also experimented with the filling and added some additional vegetables and spices and made a few dessert tamales with pineapple. I do need some practice rolling the tamales in the corn husk.

    I can’t wait to try the chicken tamales. Thanks for your inspiration Pati!!

    1. Denise! So glad to read your post about the tamales, yay! Hope you enjoy the green ones with chicken as well, thank you!

  2. Hello Patti
    I love your show and getting ready to try the sweet potato tamales but i need to know where can I find avocado leaves and is there something i can use to substitute ?? So excited to try this.

    1. Hi RoseMary! Although this recipe does not require any, I know they sell avocado leaves at Walmart and also at most every Latin market; they have become very popular so you should find them easily 😉

  3. Patti, have you ever done a show or two with the Steve Sando (Rancho Gordo)? His products AND PROJECTS are wonderful!
    I just ordered my black beans & spices from them to make these again. They are wonderful. I used a coconut shortening which added even MORE flavor! I split the filling in 1/2 and added a good Mexican chorizo–what a crowd pleaser!
    I made an avacado crema sauce since I couldn’t find the leaves.

  4. They look awesome, but I am following a whole food plant based diet without oil, sugar, or salt. I’ll have to see if I can make the masa without shortening.

  5. Pati, I do have a question, although not related to food. Would it be possible for you to name the exact city you visited in Oaxaca? I have always wanted to travel to see the exact market you visited there and the restaurant where that chef made those tamales in Oaxaca. Most likely I will try and visit God willing next year during my vacations. Thank you and I love your show.

    1. Oh that was at Mercado Benito Juárez in Oaxaca. And the restaurant was Criollo also in Oaxaca. Have a great trip!

  6. I made these tamales once before and they were delicious! I remember searching far and wide for avacado leaves for the black bean filling. I am ready to make these again but don’t see a link to the black bean recipe that calls for avacado leaves. I’m a bit confused.

  7. Hola Pati,
    I’ve made the masa with olive oil and has worked well. Now the current masa for the blackberries and pecans is not floating, what should I add?

    1. Oh it sounds like you need to whip the mixture a bit more, but don’t worry if it doesn’t float. Masa is capricious and sometimes it just won’t float.

  8. Hola, Pati.
    Hoping the New Year finds you busy continuing bringing the ‘Bestest’ Foodie show in town, to us!!!

    Q: Can this be made into a casserole, with the same instructions as the Masa version?

  9. Listen up fellow readers and Pati fan, these are really delicious tamales. The masa whips up beautifully and it’s like air on the husk. We had bits of sweet potatoes stuck in the masa and it lends to some tender bites. The beans of course have to be seasoned properly for these to turn out yum. Thanks for this keeper of a recipe Pati! My mom and I love your show along with my kiddies. Try these tamales with some spicy salsa/ Chile. So good. I think I will pin it as well

  10. Hi Pati! First, I want to tell you how I love your tv show. I am a more of a traditional cook but I love all of your recipes and hints and ideas. I am making tamales, the traditional pork tamales, but one of my daughters has become vegan. I am going to try to substitute the lard with the shortening but am not sure if that is all I have to substitute. Also, I am going to try to put in the vegan pork substitute. Can you give me any ideas or hints to make them taste similar to my original pork tamales? Thank you, again Love you and your show.

    1. Oh thank you Linda! You can use shortening or seasoned oil in place of lard…and to give the pork substitute a try and let me know how it goes.

  11. Hola Pati, I made these tamales as a side dish for our Canadian Thanksgiving. I never knew how easy they are to make and oh my how delicious. Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba it is abit difficult to find the corn husks but once found, I’m going back for more. We are spending three months in Progreso this winter and can not wait to hit the markets, I’m hoping to purchase a bean pot that can sit on the gas element, (I saw you use one on your show). I love your show and ease with which you prepare your meals. Take care Pati, keep cooking.

    Norma Robertson
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  12. I saw ur show, u made tamale without husks, sorry missed main part of it , could you please send me that recepie , husks are not easy to find ,thanks

  13. These were Devine! I love sweet potatoes and saw this episode and decided to give it a whirl! These are so good and something much different than a pork tamales with sauce, you’ve got to try them!!

  14. Hola Pati, hope you are well. So, I got this brainstorm and wanted to see if this is something that might work. So I got an Instant Pot last Christmas, and boy, do we ever use it. I make hoppin’ john, arroz rojo, plain rice, hard boiled eggs, stews, etc in it. But then I thought…can I make tamales in it?

    I went online and found recipes but I wondered if it would truly work. I didn’t know if there was some sort of thing that happens to make tamales so delicious that a pressure cooking device wouldn’t do right. So, I figured I’d ask the one Mexican cuisine expert I know of who regularly replies to comments…you!

    Please let me know and thanks!

    1. Hi Jamie! As much as I love cooking and Mexican cuisine, I am not an expert on instant pot… but please let me know if you do try it, how they turn out!

  15. I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more tamale recipes! I can get them premade here in Worcester but as I am a lacto vegetarian sometimes I can’t get any without carne of some kind or cheese made with rennet! Figured One might find savory tamale ideas on one of your recipe pages! I remember you did a who show complete with a Tamale Party and some of them were savory that I could have adapted to my diet! Love tamales!!!!!
    Vona Marengo
    and yies I am signed up for your newsletter! I want to dance with the women of Oaxaca in the gorges dresses! I have danced a bit in my life and Middle Eastern was the style I did but I also love Flamenco and well ALL dances!

  16. If using prepared “masa” instead of making our own “masa”, what would the ratio of pre-made “masa” to sweet potato be? I love your show! I made the Guajillo chile and garlic pasta sauce. Delish!!! Le encantó a mi familia! Gracias

  17. I saw he recipe for the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales on your show on PBS this week. I’m going to make them. I have been watching your shows for years. I have to tell you, you (and Danny) have appeared to have raised the most politest young men. I have seen them from little ones to what appears to be very nice looking young men. Kudos to both of you!

  18. My favorite tamales are a tie between corundas and chicken and green salsa tamales! Yum!
    Seeing this post made me think of making a pumpkin spice tamale (pumpkin, cinnamon, allspice, clove, ginger) with piloncillo maybe, and maybe filled with dulce de leche or some cream cheese and pecans. What do you think?

  19. My favorite tamales are some that my husband and I made last year with the leftover smoked turkey from Thanksgiving. I mixed the turkey with cream cheese and roasted red pepper. They were good but I have some ideas for making them better. I’m going to play with the recipe a little this year.

    I showed your recipe for Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales to my son and he asked me if I would make them for Christmas. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to help me. Looking forward to it!

  20. I just made these. Super easy, super delicious! I used refined coconut oil in place of lard so I can serve them to my vegetarian friends and they turned out great. So tender and moist. Thank you for a keeper recipe. Now on to chicken and hatch chili tamales, corn and cheese tamales, and squash and shrimp tamales!

  21. I enjoy pumpkin tamales but my favorite are with raisins in the filling like my grandma use to make. I can’t wait to try this sweet potato tamal recipe.

  22. My grandmother made the best sweet tamales, with cinnamon, piloncillo, raisins, pecans, coconut and cheese. I haven’t eaten tamales like those in years, miss my abuelita😔

  23. I like the red tamales, best when made with shredded beef, but since I live in the northwoods of Wisconsin I will take them any way I can get them.

  24. I love all tamales! But if I had to pick a favorite, I would pick tamales con elote, rajas de jalapeno, y queso fresco.

  25. I am making the sweet potato masa tamales today. We will see how these compare with Pati’s chicken tamale recipe, which is what I usually make and love.

  26. I have never had a tamale I didn’t like. It’s become a family tradition to make them every year for the New Year’s Day dinner (along with home made menudo). Great way to get the family involved in a project! The pork carnitas with pasilla chile sauce are my favorite!

  27. My friend and I have tried various recipes from you, we have even tried flour tortillas thinking that they would be hard to make! Little did we know! We love your show, your recipes, and your latest cookbook! Thank you for bringing true Mexican recipes to the rest of us!!

  28. Love tamales especially from the street vendor in Puerto Vallarta near the church Guadeloupe (sp)
    but have never attempted to make them!

  29. My favorite tamales are the sweet one: the fruit ones (strawberry) and the chocolate-raisin sold by the street vendors in Morelia, Michoacan. Going to school there, walking home in the evening, it was so exciting to learn which flavors were for sale each day!

  30. Thank you so much for this awesome vegetarian version of tamales! My whole family will enjoy these, but my oldest son is vegan so do you have any ideas to make them that way?
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Anita, Use vegetable shortening in place of lard & use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. Leave off the crema and queso fresco topping — maybe opt for some avocado slices instead.

  31. My favorite tamales are the ones made with my family! We usually make pork tamales, but sometimes make bean, chicken, and turkey tamales.

  32. These look delicious!!!! I learned tamale basics while I lived in Colorado from a roomate, and I’m always wanting to learn more. Comfort food and holiday food. Always a good choice, particularly for my vegitarian friends. <3

  33. Beef tamales are the only kind I’ve had. I ordered one of your cookbooks today so I hope to find recipes for other varieties.

  34. Making tamales is a family tradition that we love doing
    I recently just taught my sister how to make tamales rojo de puerco chile verde con pollo and queso n jalapeno. We make them every year and not just on the holidays .. Ive even made mushroom and cheese tamales
    My next mission in tamale making would be sweet tamales with pineapple and raisins with the grandkids i think they would enjoy it and a few are old enough now to learn the family tradition … 💗💗

  35. I enjoyed growing up with the tradition of making tamales. I have tried several different kinds from, pork, candied, raisins, and ones with olives. I am excited to try Pati’s recipe.

  36. I lived near Oxaca in Cuernavaca for some time and fondly recall these morsels of goodness! Including these, only sweet chocolate laced Christmas tamals make me want to experiment more!

  37. I love all tamales! I get them so rarely (small town in Canada) I have yet to meet one that wasn’t totally delicious. When I do find them I usually stuff as many as I can get in and get some extra to take home. I’ve never been brave enough to try making them myself though. Like everything, they taste better when someone else makes them lol!

  38. Hi Pati, my favorite tamale is the pina the or pineapple. I like the pork for its spicy flavor but I can only get the pineapple around Christmas time so they are more special.

  39. I like them all but sometimes my inner child calls and I just want cheese tamal! The masa in the tamal is amazing when done correctly!

  40. I’ve tried the tamales de pollo con salsa verde Pati and they were amazing, I can’t wait to try this sweet potatoe and black bean tamales! maybe I’ll add a little bit of queso fresco yummy!!!

  41. Mom’s tamales are the best! Can you believe I have never made them myself?! I have help with the process of the “embarrada”, but never attempted to make them from scratch. Now that I’m a mom I need to start making them for my girls and pass on the tradition but I don’t even own a tamalera! I need your help!

  42. My favorite tamales are homemade pork with corn masa and corn husks. I remember my Grandma and her sister used to do tamaladas and I briefly learned how to make them as a child. My job was to spread the masa.

  43. My favorite tamales are my mother’s pork tamales in a red spicy sauce. Over the years we started eating them with grated cotija cheese and a vinegar/tomato sauce that we use to top our enchiladas in Michoacan.

  44. My favorite time was around Christmas when a lady from the office in Yuma would ask us how many dozen we wanted. She would make them with her grandmother and mother and they were the best. Normally chicken and carne asada (if I recall correctly) but all had an olive at one end.

  45. My favorite that I Love Love Love!!!! Is Tamales de Elote growing up in Ensenada Baja Mexico I grew up eating these! They bring back childhood memories growing up in the Country part of Ensenada the famous “ Bufadora” if you never been there you need to go but I think a lot of you have been there, but of course I will enjoy any type of Tamales 👍🏻😘

  46. I Love Love Love !!! Tamales de Elote they remind me of my Cildhood growing up in Ensenada Baja Ca Mexico in the Ranch area of Maneadero close to the Famous “Bufadora” And of course a tamale lover my all means love all others 😁

  47. I usually like the spicy pork and pineapple tamales, but these sound delicious. I will have to make these in the near future.

  48. Pati,
    My favorite tamale is the traditional pink sweet tamale filled with strawberry preserves and raisins served with hot chocolate champurrado (pa la dieta jajajaja). I love 💕 all the delicious, incredible recipes from Oaxaca and stories you bring to us about its culture. Peace!

  49. My abuela made tamales de dulce which were divine, manna from heaven. She passed many years ago and to this day, I have never found any to compare to hers.

  50. These tamales look YUMMY!!! My favorite tamales are chicken, con salsa verde & queso fresco!!! I tried tamales for the first time a few years ago when I moved to TX, & I love them! Homemade are the best!!

  51. I’ve only had chicken and beef tamales and love them both. These sweet potato and black bean ones look delicious. I’ve yet to experiment making tamales myself but I may have to put myself up to the challenge soon.

  52. My favorite are the one with cheese and jalapeño. I think they’re queso con rajas in Spanish? My mom would make them with monterey jack cheese and pickled jalapeños. Yum. I miss them. I don’t know why my mom stopped making them but I might drop her a hint this time.

  53. I usually go with peek, but I will be trying these sweet potato and black bean tamales for sure! Thank you for sharing 😊

  54. My favorite tamale is pretty simple … chicken. In all honesty, I am all about the masa! Once cooked, I could eat that stuff by the spoonful! 🙂 I have never cooked any but, maybe if I win this book, I will start. 😀

  55. Pati, my favorite Tamales were made by my mom Amalia and they are the Tamales de quesso. Loved loved loved those. Everyone else were into her meat tamales but I couldn’t stay away from the cheese one’s. How lucky would it be to win this contest and add another of your cookbooks to my collection. Thank you as always for the pleasure I receive when i watch your show….especially those that have your sons in it. Feliz dia Pati….

  56. Que rico pati la combinación de olores y sabores de esos ricos tamales gracias por Compartir pienso que los tamales pueden ser cualquier epoca del año ya que hay mucha variedad.

  57. My favorite tamales are the ones that my mom used to make when I was growing up with red chili and shredded pork. I would watch her and sometimes help with the process, but I’ve never tried making them on my own. It would like to learn.

  58. Your Salsa Roja struck a chord with me. A Friend of mine makes a similar salsa but adds 10 habanero peppers in it (awesome flavor but don’t quit eating it). I used your recipe but added a couple of chipotles and a Serrano. I put that on Chicken tamales (pork is my favorite can’t eat that anymore). Thank you, Pati for the great recipes!

  59. Thank you for sharing so deliscious recipes Pati. I was born in Oaxaca, México, and I have eaten tamales all my life. In Oaxaca there is a great variety of tamales. My favorite ones are some red mole mini tamales wrapped in banana leaf. The good thing is that I may eat more than one; they are deliscious, but there are others that I enjoy the same, like the black bean frijol, with hoja santa and wrapped in corn leaf. But still there are amarillito mole tamales, green mole tamales, which is differente from the salsa verde tamales. Chepil tamales are incredible and many other tamales. Some years ago, on February 2nd (fiesta de La Candelaria) I went to Coyoacán in Mexico City where there was a tamal festival and You had the chance to try so many types of tamales, from all the Mexican country and from Central and South America. It was a realy incredible experience. I hope to go again next February. Greetings. Lidia.

  60. My favorite are tamales with a corn stuffing served with a red chile sauce, medium heat. Nothing matches the intense corn taste of corn on corn!

  61. I’ve only had meat tamales, chicken was my favorite, pork & beef were tasty too! We used to buy them from a local man 10+ years ago; who’s family made them together, but we lost touch. As a preteen we were friends with a family a few houses down that would come to our door and give us a huge plate full, and that was almost 30 years ago. Homemade are the absolute best. ❤

  62. My absolutely most favorite tamales are the tamales de elote fresco. It is so hard to find a good recipe for those. I usually wait until the 12th of December when the Guadalupe Church celebrates THE VIRGEN de GUADALUPE CHURCH where you can biy the BEST ones!! Feliz Navidad Pati! I really enjoy your cooking show.

  63. I’m still a novice at making tamales but I love to use banana leaves to steam shrimp and veggies and to make standard masa tamales with venison or pork filings. Your shows and cookbooks are our favorites!

  64. Hard to identify a favorite. I like them sweet and savory. I guess I really like eating two tamales made with corn masa filled with pork and red chile topped with two fried eggs, drizzled with chile colorado and a dollop of sour cream!

  65. Question! In the “To assemble the Tamales” it reads, “Place about 2 teaspoons of refried beans in the middle of the masa square.” Is this the correct amount?

  66. Dear Pati, I have a niece, Cara, who was born in Bogata, Columbia. She lived and taught in Oaxaca for a few years and met a wonderful young man from Rio Blanco, Vera Cruz who is now her husband. They live here now and he is my food “advisor”, and also, guinea pig (poor Osvaldo). But you are the one who has given me confidence in my Mexican cooking. You taught me how to make tamales and he is forever grateful. Watching and listening to you, I feel your love for Mexico and it’s food and I am happily sharing your teachings with my family now. Thanks you for sharing your stories, your recipes and your family with us!!!
    (especially this one, which I am also going to try!)

  67. My family loves tamales; I have very fond memories of neighbors prepping and sharing. My favorite is anything with spice to it.

  68. My favorite tamales are some my husband and I made last year with smoked turkey, roasted red pepper, and cream cheese. We plan to make them again this year!

  69. My favorite tamales were made at the little Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood where I grew up in Northern Virginia. They included the corn silks in the masa which made them so sweet with a savory filling!

  70. Wow, I am not a huge fan of sweet potatoes, however, I think some of the ingredients in this will definitely reduce the sweetness of the potatoes. This looks delightful and I will surely be making this one. My favorite tamale is traditional. You just can’t beat what you’ve grown up on. My stomach is now growling 🙂 Oh, I saw someone mentioned vegetarian tamale, that sounds WONDERFUL as well.

  71. I eat them all but, Chicken with corn/beans…r Turkey ground beef r the best. I also had a pizza version once..It was amazing..
    Love your show!

  72. I love all Tamales both, sweet and savory! I especially love Vegetarian Tamales like, Green Chili with Sweet Corn, Queso, and Zucchini covered with Ranchera Sauce and Sour Cream!

    1. Oh my….. This sounds incredible. If you have a recipe, will you kindly share it with me at connielindler at gmail dot com. I would be extremely grateful.

  73. Chicken & Mixed Veggies with Red Chili Sauce are my favorite tamales. Second favorite are rajas y queso (Jalapenos & Cheese)!

  74. Our local parish Hispanic Ministry sells tamales con pollo and con puerco (pork?) the fourth weekend of each month, after Masses. I would LOVE to duplicate their recipes using homemade everything!

  75. Hola pati!! Mis tamales favoritos son de frijoles con queso asadero y rajas de jalapeño. Now I need to try the sweet potato and black bean tamales.

  76. My favorite tamales are my Tia Delores’s Pork tamales. She always makes several large orders for the Holiday season.
    Love your show, We try and make as many recipes of your that we can to treat family and friends.

  77. Que rica receta se mira muy ricos y fácil y económicos …. Siqueiros mi favoritos son de rajas con queso gracias Paty j. Por receta

  78. Tamales mean wonderful family memories and delicious recipes. The best of times and delicious food. My favorite tamales are the sweet ones. Strawberry with jelly filling and raisins. Yum…

  79. I love these tamales never thought about using a starch with a starch. I’ve always made eithe pork or chicken tamales, part of them with verde salsa and part of them with salsa rojo. I would make desert tamales with pineapple. I guess I’m going to try different ingredients to see how they taste as a tamale.

  80. I favor traditional pork tamales that I grew up on as a child. My great grandparents families came to the US from Mexico City and we love our “soul food”! Thank you Pati for sharing your food travels around Mexico and your yummy recipes!!

  81. My favorite tamales (right now) are anything authentic, not store bought, but I REALLY want to try the sweet potato and black bean tamales.

  82. My moher-in-law made the best tamales with pork cooked in a chile Colorado, a slice of potato and green chilies! Amazingly good, and even better as leftovers fried in a pan!

  83. I think my favorite tamales are pollo en salsa verde. I would love to try making them during the holidays and have a tamale party with my girlfriends.
    Thank you FUD and Pati!

  84. Hello Pattie our family loves your meal ideas, watching you make remind me when my mom would make those yummy tamales oh how I miss her cooking. I would love the book, great recipes. I thank god that your on OPB and I can watch you make awesome food. Thanks again

  85. I don’t have a favorite tamale recipe, I just know I DONT like tamales with a very thick layer of masa and just a small amount of meat. I’ve not made tamales yet but have an old recipe that was given to me that I’d like to try. The tamalera would definitely come in handy!

  86. I love your show and love tamales! Having spent over 20 years in southern Arizona, I have eaten some fabulous mexican food. Good thing I learned how to make it! I hadn’t made tamales in years until I saw your salsa verde chicken tamales.They are fabulous and your explanation on preparing the masa made the best I have ever made. I would love to win your book and could definitely use a tamalera.

  87. Hola Pati
    Mis tamales favoritos son los tamales de chile verde con pollo y también los de dulce con guayabas delicioso! Y no se pueden dejar de acompañar con un atole de maíz o un champurrado de chocolate riquísimo. Saludos desde Blanco,Texas gracias.

  88. These tamales sound delicious. My mom used to make them for us many years ago. My sisters and I helped but as teenagers, we slightly tortured my mom by making them too thick. Nowadays, being older and having 2 sons myself, I really need to make them for them so they can learn as well. I ended being the daughter who loves to cook for others. I work in the food industry as well. Cheers to you for being an amazing chef. I love seeing women being acknowledged for their contributions to society. My family and I love watching you on PBS. Ciao,

  89. I must admit – I haven’t tried a big variety of tamales! I like ones that are spicy and full of many flavors and prefer veggie based ones over meat fillings. Never had a dessert tamale, but they sound interesting!

  90. I love tamales! All kind ! But I think my favorited are the Oaxaqueño type (wrapped in banana leaves) or tamales de pollo en jitomate!
    Mmmm! Yummy!
    Pati for sure yourvrecioes must be the best!

  91. Every year we make pork tamales and jalepeno with cheese tamales. This year, we’re adding chicken in salsa verde. YUM!! I’ve never had a tamalera, just my own version: Stock pot and a molcajete at the bottom. Would love to win! Crossing my fingers!! 😀 Good Luck to All!!

  92. I Love Them All!
    But my most favorite is the SWEET Pineapple Tamales! Nothing like a Nice Hot Chard over the Comal like my Belated father use to warm them. It Kisses the Masa with a Traditional Signature Savord that can only be accompanied by a Hot Cup of Coffee. Or Abulleas Hot Cocoa. For me, that is the Best Mexican Breakfast anyone can wake up to. Hears to wonderfull Tamallies Memories

    ¡Los amo a todos!
    ¡Pero mi favorito es el SWEET Pineapple Tamales! No tengo nada que ver con un buen caldo caliente sobre el Comal como mi padre tardío lo usa para calentarlos. Besa al Masa con un Savord Signature tradicional que solo puede ir acompañado de una taza de café caliente. O Abulleas Hot Cocoa. Para mí, ese es el mejor desayuno mexicano al que cualquiera puede despertarse. Escucha maravillosos recuerdos de Tamallies

  93. This looks delish. My faves are a simple creamy cheese and roasted pepper. Last time I made them I have masa mix on the ceiling… time for a taller bowl!

  94. I love tamales with nothing inside, as a kid my Grandma would mix the extra Chile with the meat pieces into the masa and ball them to wrap, she called them solos, those were my favorite, and are missed now that my Grandma is no longer with us. I made them last year for my family and they were a hit, my kids added cheese and Chile on top.

  95. Made them as soon as I received the email!!! Kids love them 👍🏽. I only made 2dozen my tamalesa is a bit small. 😜
    Thank you pati for your innovative ideas and giving us a taste of Mexican cuisine!!!!

  96. This sounds delicioso! I had not been back to Mexico for 20 years. The first morning I was sitting on the my friend’s roof and the tamale man came down the street with his cart. I had a pollo verde tamal and a sweet pink one. What a great way to begin my week in Mexico!

  97. Hola!
    At least once a year a group of tamale-loving friends gather to make tamales. Everyone brings a large bowl of cooked meat, I make the masa (using you recipe) and soak the husks. We start at 10 am with the first batch going into the steamer. We continue until all the filling is gone, Then we clean up and have a meal enjoying the fruits of our labor with all the trimmings. It’s great morning of fun that we all look forward to and everyone leaves with several dozen tamales to cook later. I’ll post pictures on your Facebook page.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  98. Love your Mexico! Love your show. But mostly watch for a half hour of great recipes – some of which I even try, and a look at your recipes actually prepared for your delightful family. Thank you for a opportunity to win the tamalera.

  99. That looks good, but I enjoy really hot spicy pork tamales best because they remind me of childhood road trips buying them from roadside stands in South Texas.

  100. It’s so hard to choose just one! I can narrow it down to my top 3: red Chile shredded beef, chicken with green tomatillo salsa, and fresh green corn tamales with rajas and cheese.

  101. I love your recipes! Every Thanksgiving I make Nana Jose’s Flourless Chocolate Pecan Cake. It is tradition now. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes with us !

  102. Love tamales. We make pork tamales in Panama and they are the best. Always for Xmas and New Years celebrations. Love your PBS show. Felicidades

  103. I have never made talmales, I have heard they are very time consuming to make and never did want to try to make at home.
    After reading this recipe, I am going to try this. Not only does it sound delicious, but it looks so easy to make. I would love to win one of the tamaleras. I have your cookbook, it will make a very nice Christmas gift for my sister. Thank you

  104. How about a quick recipe and tips for traditional pork tomales and red Chile. Not a big kitchen, so need simple procedure, tips on the best massa for the tomales. Thank you, love your show, and the recipes you send out.

  105. Can’t wait to try these tamales! Love your show on PBS! I am inspired by your positive attitude. My husband enjoys watching too!

  106. Hi Pati , I’m from Tucson Az and our favorite tamales are the traditional Red Chile tamales 💕 I’m a huge fan enjoy the holidays .

  107. These sound delicious! I’ll usually make chicken tamales, pretty boring haha. But these sound like a good way to change it up! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  108. love your show we watch you on create tv all the time.. learned how to make puffy tacos watching your show.. next are pork garnitos(spelling)

  109. My absolute favorite tamales are the fresh corn with green chiles. They used to be a special treat in September with the harvest of the corn. My grandmother would grind the corn with an old fashioned hand grinder, that was attached to the kitchen table to make the fresh corn masa. The memories of those times still warm my heart.

  110. I love the pork butt tamales my Mami used to make! She’s passed on now, but I’m trying to keep her tamales going!!! ❤️

  111. Sounds wonderful. I have never had tamales but have been making your dishes for a while now. This is something I want to try. A friend of mine gets together with her sisters and makes HUGE batches then they share them among themselves for their families. Sounds like a great time.

  112. I grew up eating traditional Mexican tamales and liked the sweet ones as well. I’ve had different variations of tamales over the years and do not have a favorite one yet so far. I just love tamales period!

  113. My favorite tamales are red Chile. My grandma taught my mom and me. Every year all of the women in my family gather to make tamales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My grandma passed 13 years ago and we have continued the tradition. Now my mother passed this June and we will gather again to continue the tradition. It is bittersweet, but we will tell stories of past tamales making to keep the tradition going.

  114. Thanks for the mention of tamales around the holidays. One of my favorite memories is of my father getting a whole assortment of sweet and savory tamales every Christmas from a little store in San Gabriel, Calif.

  115. If this recipe was inspired by Oaxaca why is it being made in corn husks? While people of Oaxaca use leaves of the banana tree. Which are absolutely the best tamales.
    I love tamales De Oaxaca!! Most delicious! 😋 yum my favorite!!

  116. Look forward to shows anywhere in Mexico and wish I was along taking in the experiences…food,travel,tequila,and fun people to experience authentic Mexico .it’s been too long since last time.
    Cabrito tacos..pork,tomatillo tamales…Yum

  117. good morning pati! yes its yhat time of year , time to start makeing tomales ! but arround my house its anytime of the year 🙂 my son and i really enjoy watching your shows

  118. I’m intrigued! I love sweet potatoes and I really love tamales! Going to have to try this recipe. One of my favorite things is the traditional pork tamale topped with red chili sauce, a fried egg and queso fresco.

  119. One weekened in December it is tamale making time at our home. I was taught by my mother-in-law her recipe for pork tamales. I have continued the tradition now that she has been gone for two years now. If it was not for her, and watching your show I would have never of learned. Tamale making is labor intensive but the family bonding is with the effort and of course eating the tamals. I have even made elote tamales and cheese and chili tamales but those need more practice.

  120. I make many kinds of tamales, both traditional and creative. One of my most well-received is filled with duck confit and papaya. the batter is made with duck fat. I serve those with mole verde. I’m excited because this year my daughter will be spending the Christmas holidays with me and she wants us to make tamales together.

  121. Mis tamales favoritos son todos! Aunque puedo enumerar los
    1 de piña
    2 mole con pollo
    3 puerco con Chile Colorado
    4 verdes con pollo o puerco
    5 tamal de boda, Oaxaca
    6 tamales oaxaqueños
    7 corundas
    8 rajas con queso
    9 pollo o puerco en salsa roja
    10 de dulce con pasas
    11 de elote
    Y todos los demas

  122. My favor are chicken and sweet tamales. I love watching your show, I always learn something and you are so nice, smart and funny! I really enjoy watching your show and cooking your recipes. I love the way you are showing Mexico to the world! Thank you! I’m really your fan!

  123. These look delicious. Other than what comes in the can, I can’t say that I’ve ever had anything other than whatever they have in the slow cooker at the local Mexican grocery store.

  124. Hello, I am a very new subscriber after having watched your programs. Sadly not showing on Australian T.V at the moment
    but I am hopeful of your return. Tamales bring back memories of my mother and how laborious it was for her to make without
    todays kitchen mixers! We would all wait for the delicious result. This is a special recipe.

    Muchas Gracias.

  125. Red chile tamales are my favorite. Out here in Austin, Tx. good & delicious are few and far in between. Not like back in Las Cruces, NM. So I may go out a a limb and make them myself.

  126. Tamales are so festive and I love trying different tamales although I make mostly chicken tamales or pork. The recipes you post always look so delicious to me. Some of the tamales I tried were from Guatemala which I loved. Banana leaves give them a wonderful flavor. I saw an avocado stick placed in the water used to soften the leaves. My aunt claimed her’s were the best because she ties them on both ends. Another Aunt claimed she made the best beef tamales. I think are all good, especially if you practice making them every year. Your sweet potato tamale is one I definitely want to try. Happy Holidays!

  127. The Tamales I was taught to make use shredded beef, slow cooked with chilies and spices. Cubed potatoes and green olives are also added when filling the Tamale.The combination of flavors are a party in your mouth!

  128. Love this time of year. Six months before Christmas, I never eat tamales so I really appreciate my first taste of tamales on Christmas Eve. My favorite tamales are pork. Second favorite is jalapeño rajas with cheese….yummy!

  129. My mom is from Costa Rica and she and my grandmother would make these super yummy tamales in banana leaves that were then wrapped and tied in paper and then steamed.

    The nacatamales had small chunks of puerco, carne de res, carrots, peas, garbanzos, rice, raisins, a prune, chile dulce, and of course masa! These were truly a meal on their own because they were so huge. And the aroma when you first unwrap that damp sweaty banana leaf was amazing!!!

    Your recipe sounds super delicious. I can’t wait to try it!! Gracias, Pati!!

  130. I never have good experienced delicious TAMAL. I will make Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales which looks so good myself and for my husband. I am follow Pati Jinich Mexican Table every Saturday, I mad many dishes and cakes too. I experienced so many deep flavor and good taste of spice my family enjoyed. Thank you, Naoko Vold.

  131. Thanks Pati
    I enjoy the Facebook posts and cooking shows. About 10 years ago We visited Puebla and we enjoyed some delicious turkey mole tamales. A coupke of years ago my husband and I were feeling a little lonely with all our families living out of town during Christmas, so we made some turkey mole tamales – we had fun, my husband never cooks! The tamales were delicious, and we gifted most of the tamales to family and friends for Christmas.

  132. Can’t wait to try your sweet potato/black bean tamales. I don’t think I’ve ever met a tamale I didn’t like. I am crazy about mushroom tamales at a local restaurant. I’d give anything to have their recipe. They are rich, but such a nice change from protein-based tamales.

  133. My favorite tamales are pork in red Chile and sweet tamales anís pecan and raisins, yummy 😋 make me remember my childhood and my mom made for us!!

  134. I grew up with only canned tamales so I’m no expert. Finally I was given some homemade chicken tamales and discovered I actually like tamales. I love watching your show because you make cooking look like fun. And I can tell you enjoy cooking for your boys.

  135. Something diffrent, never hurts to try. I love chicken,tamales and almost any tamales but ive never had this. You make everything look so easy effortless and delicious.

  136. I love tamales! I’ve never made them on my own, only with my family. This recipe sounds delicious and interesting. I can’t wait to give it a try.

  137. Hi Pati –
    I am a green corn tamale lover … yummy with eggs for breakfast. I have lived in the Southwest USA for a number of years and have had a variety of delicious tamales. One other most delicious tamale I’ve had was filled with venison meat … so delicious. Thanks!

  138. love to add spinach to chicken tamales [lightly steamed and squeezed for less water] then topped with a tomatillo salsa that has a spicy kick…..YUM

  139. The classic pork with red sauce. Or my neighbors fluffy ciruela y canela tamales so yummy have never seen anything like it.

  140. I love pork tamales, but then i love chicken and beef. I have had not had the opportunity to try any other types or sweet tamakes. But i would love to try some

  141. Hola Pati!
    I love your show! You are a great inspiration to my family! We love the food of Mexico and have a fiesta every year in the month of December. We add new dishes to our celebration every year! My favorite tamale is a pork tamale in a corn husk or a banana leaf. When I lived in Arizona I was blessed with my first tamale, I think this year I will bless my family with this delicious food for our celebration! My dream is to one day visit Mexico and to one day meet you! Thank you for sharing your family, friends, food, and travel with us!

  142. This tamales sound delicious. I would’ve never thought of mixing beans with sweet potato. I’m used to the classic chicken, pork and rajas tamales. Gotta give these ones a try 😉

  143. Primero gracias por poner en alto la comida mexicana en USA ami me encantan de todos sabores y colores los Tamales pero en especial los estilo Sinaloa como mama los hace 😋
    Suerte para todas
    Y gracias por tus buenas recetas.

  144. This sounds like a good recipe to try this holiday season and it would be great to have a real TAMALERA
    and a copy of Pati’s book.

  145. This looks delicious! I have always wanted to try to make tamales, and being a vegetarian, this means I can enjoy them with my family. My local market has the dried corn husks and the masa harina. Can’t wait to try this! Thank you, Pati!

  146. I love Chile Verde tamales y raja con queso i love tamales y I like make tamales plis pick me i need you book for more recepits

  147. Hi Pati! Tamales are our favorite holiday tradition here in Texas. I love them all and try every variation I can find, but my husband and children are green chili chicken lovers. Can’t wait to try the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales, sounds delicious!!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes!

  148. These look amazing! But all your foods look amazing! Since we’ve discovered your show I’ve definitely been adding Mexican flair to my cooking! Even Italian dishes! 🤔😉😂

  149. This looks like a terrific recipe, and I’ll be trying it soon. Up til now, my favorite tamales have been pork. Thanks for indulging your readers with the contest…very generous of you and FUD!

  150. I will definitely be trying this recipe soon. I really enjoy meatless meals, but will gladly admit that pork tamales are my fave! BTW: Isn’t Oaxaca wonderful? I had the chance to bicycle to surrounding villages, and enjoyed that immensely. Thanks for your generous giveaway…how exciting!

  151. My favorite homemade tamales are ‘Pork’ with wonderful Mole sauce. One Christmas Eve we were invited to the Tamale making festivities at some very dear friends of ours. We had everyone in a line doing one thing or another and we would rotate to the next line, etc. At the end each line, we would take a shot of Tequila! Oh Boy! those were some great Tamales!

    You are a joy Pati. It’s a joy to watch you as you always seem to be so happy and it rubs off. I wish you and yours a wonderful Happy and Loving Thanksgiving.. God Bless.

  152. Paty, Thanks to your recipes and your show I started to cook Mexican food, since I married and live in the USA I was desperate to learn and only because you I finally did it!!

  153. I love watching your show… my kids watch it, my parents watch it. Thank you for sharing with us all these wonderful recipes.

  154. I watched you make these on a recent episode. I love tamales, but have been afraid to try making then at home. You made the whole process seem less intimidating and I’m going to try my first tamales when my oldest son is home from college during Thanksgiving break.

  155. My favorite tamales are shredded beef with guajillo sauce, olives, thin slice of potato and carrots. I don’t know how I started making these but they are good !! Much love Pati ! Te queremos mucho en Austin.

  156. Hola Pati!
    My favorite tamales are the red pork ones. Especialmente los de mi mamá! I’m the only one in my family who seems to be interested in learning how to make them, so a tamalera would be the greatest thing to get! Thank you!!!

    I love your show!

  157. I went to a Mexican restaurant in Portland, Oregon and had the best tamale, a corn masa tamale with chicken and red sauce. Yum!

  158. Hi Pati, I love watching your show! I made tamales last year for the first time, I improvised with aluminum foil in my pot.. It worked but it wasn’t the best! So I’d love a tamalera!

  159. I just watched the Thanksgiving Feast video. I can’t wait to make the stuffing like you did. I’m a big fan of Chorizo and combining it with apple and other flavors just sounds so delicious. I know my family will enjoy it also. Happy Thanks giving to you and your family.

  160. These Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales sound fabulous!
    I will have to make these this year! Thank you for the recipe!

  161. My favorite are the tamales my mom gets from a friend every Christmas. I’ll definitely have to see if they wouldn’t mind sharing a recipe. These sweet potato and black bean tamales sound absolutely delicious though!! I’d really like to try this.

  162. I have to say my favorite is pork…but there really isn’t one I don’t like…lol. I would like to try all kinds. Love Mexican food.

  163. I’ve never made tamales, but I really want to try! This sounds like something my son would like. He loves both Mexican cuisine and sweet potatoes!

  164. Hi Patti.

    When I make tamales, I beat the masa dough in a stand mixer on high until a small portion, when placed into a cup of water, will float. The tamales come out light and fluffy, with a cake-like texture. This technique is great for making chocolate, desert tamales.

  165. Spicy pork tamales are my favorite, but be sure to flavor the masa as well!
    Chile Verde pork are a super close second.

  166. Favorite tamales are rajas and chicken with green salsa. They taste great reheated on the comal whenthe husks are blackened 😁

  167. Oh my goodness, I have the best memories of making tamales with mi abuelita, mi tía and mi mami. I remember one holiday season making them with family friends (my moms comadres) and making over 40 dozen! My poor wrists were so sore for days! I was like 19. My Tia and my abuelita have passed on but Tamales will always bring joy at the holidays. From green chili tamales, to red beef and even the ones my abuelita affectionately called “tontos.” Those were sweet with raisins. Yum!

  168. A mi me fascina hacer los tamales de chile verde y rojo con carne de puerco. También los tamales nejos que se comen con mole (verde

  169. Bean tamales are my all time favorites. So I Am looking forward to trying the Sweet Potato & Black Bean tamales soon !
    Thanku for the recipe.
    p.s. I hope I win the beautiful Tamalera & your Fabulous Cookbook : ) YAY !

  170. I love any tamales that have shredded pork or Chicken. I wish I had found Pati’s cooking shows years ago, but I am so glad I found it now. At 70 years old, my old ticker and tummy still can handle very spicy dishes. Kudos to you Pati, Keep up your great programs and your sparkling personality.

  171. Bean tamales are my all time favorites but I Am going to try the pumpkin black bean tamales too.
    P.S. I also hope I win a Tamalera & cook book.
    Love y’all

  172. Love. Your show. Pati. Love. The. Recipes. You. Just. Did with. Juju. Long time. Fan. Love. The. Teavels and. Recipes. Of. The. Yucatan happy. Thanksgiving.

  173. Here in Tucson, Arizona, tamales are a huge part of the culinary landscape. I was raised with all manner of tamale fillings, but my now favorite is blue corn with green chile and cheese filling. To die for!

  174. Thank you for sharing such delicious recipes. We love watching your program on PBS. Hope to watch Season 6. Not on Montana PBS yet 🙁

  175. Pati,
    I just ordered two of your cookbooks on amazon. We love your cooking shows on PBS they are so fun to watch and learn. I have never made tamales before but I am excited to try this recipe. Thanks!

  176. I can’t wait to try this recipe. For some time I have manage to prepare the traditional corn husk savory tamales. This recipe seems to be a good addition to my repertoire. Thank you Pati!

  177. I love this idea for sweet potato and black bean tamales because it’s full of color, flavor and texture. Tamales are such a great way to combine the softness of steamed masa flour with savory or sweet fillings, and this recipe promises to bring a bit of both.

    Another great option for tamales is to avoid lards and meat altogether. I know that sounds like an offense to the traditional idea of “tamale” but it opens up a world of great flavor options without the “weight” or heaviness of the common recipes. Other oils and lighter fats can replace lard in the masa, which allows more of the corn flavor to come through. Meatless fillings can carry as much savory punch or smooth sweetness as you desire. It’s really up to the chef, and I’ve been inspired by Pati Jinich’s superpower — improvisation in the kitchen! I’ve been encouraged to create lighter tamales, with great success and many fewer calories. Thanks, Pati! My tamalera will be filled with wonderful tamales this Holiday season.

  178. Pati,
    First I want to say what a pleasure it was to meet you when you came to Denver last year! You are so kind and such a joy!
    My favorite holiday tamales are tamales dulces. I never got the recipe from my late aunt but I know they had canela, pina, and raisins but I know the masa had some other unkown spices. Do you have a recipe for sweet tamales?
    Please hurry back to Denver!!

  179. My favorite tamal is the tamal oaxaqueño de mole negro en hoja de platano but I love the way my grandma prepared the tamales de pollo o puerco in regular corn husks. I have learn the hard way that to make tamales is an art, a lot of work but so rewarding.

  180. I am so excited about trying this new recipe, all the flavors I love. I have just recently found you and am really enjoying your shows and recipes.

  181. If it’s a tamale I love it. My guys are pickier. For the holidays when I lived in New Mexico,. My friends made posole. I would make Frikadela. Which are Danish meatballs. I’d love to have Pati make tamales while I would make Risengrue. Tamales and desert of Danish rice pudding. Check the calories at the door.

  182. Hola Pati !!! Believe or not, I learned to make tamales when I moved to California from Mexico. A friend of my husband showed me the old fashion way to do it. It meant put a tray of ice cubes in the masa , and kneed the masa until all the ice cubes melted! Incredibly time consuming! Now I have find easier ways to do it and my four sons and their wives enjoy my chicken in green chile tamales, pork in red chile, and my favorites are queso con rajas. But that may change, for the past five years I have been making vegetarian tamales with masa that I prepare, to ensure it does not have lard because one of my daughters-in law is Hindu and her religion forbids her from eating meat. So I make zucchini with corn and onion, tomato and jalapenos, queso con rajas, and beans with cheese. I noticed on your show that you made sweet potato and black bean tamales and it got my attention, I feel these are going to be my new favorites.
    Thank you Pati, for giving us more of a variety of our delicious Mexican cuisine to keep our families happy and to make happy memories. Happy Holidays!

  183. My pork tamales are my favorite, but I also love her bean, jalapeno and cheese. I need to hurry up and learn her recipes, she is getting older and I do not want lose those family recipes.

  184. I made this tamale recipe, along with enchiladas mineras, and carnintas al pastor, for a friend’s birthday…. que rico y salabrosa! I would LOVE to win the tamalera, Pati !!! We love watching you show.

    Frank Gran y Russ Hagenhoff
    Sonoma County, CA

  185. Sweet Potatoes are one of my favorite root vegetables. I have not tried the sweet potato & black bean tamales but am intrigue by the pairing. A bit of jalapenos and/or some cheese would be something I would like to sink my teeth into. I have been following Pati on TV and her website for several years. I love her energy & enthusiasm for cooking and creating new recipes from old ones. She is truly and inspiration because I too love to cook and create new recipes.

  186. This sounds so good and I am going to make if for Christmas rather than the usual. I am learning to cook Mexican way and love your show.

  187. Hi Pati!

    I can’t tell you which type of Tamale is my favorite. Because, I haven’t made them yet. My husband and I have been wanting to make them for a while now. And, a tamalera and a copy of your cookbook would definitely help me get there sooner. Whenever I see tamales on TV they look absolutely delicious. Take care!

    Happy Thanksgiving To You And Your Family!

  188. I can’t wait to try these tamales. My favorite are my Tia Teresa’s pork tamales. She’s a terrific cook, although she can’t no longer create like she once did due to her aging body. This amazing lady has owned 2 restaurants, taught cooking in college & high school. She makes me so proud.

  189. The question was about my favorite tamales. I ;love chile Colorado (red chile), pollo ( chicken) and queso con rajas (cheese and Anaheim chile)

  190. My favorite Tamales are the regular, traditional tamales. I will have to say, I was first introduced by the canned version available in the grocery, and I still have a fond like for them. But freshly prepared is best. I will give this a try, because I love foods with Black Beans, I think my black bean chili is the best!

  191. After watching TV show, I tried this and it was so good! All my family enjoyed. (Especially my little one.) Thank you for sharing!

  192. These tamales look so delicious! I can’t wait to make them. I always make pork, spicy with chile de árbol, juagillo y ancho. I make them super extra spicy so, no everybody can eat them; more for me.ssssshhhh don’t tell anyone. I always say “well you never know how spicy the chiles are going to be” I’m ready to try your recipe. Thank you. Hopefully I win the tamalera!

  193. My husband and I love watching your show on PBS Saturdays!
    Growing up, my favorite tamales were the tiny sweet tamales my mother made. They were pretty plain, the masa just flavored with anise seeds and of course sugar, but the masa was beaten until light and fluffy!
    I am looking forward to making the sweet potato and bean tamales!
    Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  194. I am very happy to have discovered you and your wonderful recipes and fun show which I love watching with my kids, we really like how you have your kids participate in the kitchen. I am originally from Tijuana , Mexico but live in the US and I really appreciate the custom and traditions that you and your family share with us thru your cooking and travels.

    I would love to know if you have a recipe for chicken tamal in salsa verde, I’m hoping to find a nice mild recipe that my kids would like.

    Best wishes, your friend and fan
    Olga Pates

  195. Black beans taste horrible! There, I said it.

    While black beans are very popular and trendy right now in the United States, they never have been popular in Mexico, and anywhere in the American Southwest by Mexican/American family cooks.

    Black beans are a completely regional phenomenon in Mexico, while Pinto, (and many other types), are found everywhere and in every region.

    Please stop promoting black beans!

    1. ​I am really sorry you don’t like black beans, but black beans are a huge deal (and have been for centuries) in the South of Mexico… You may want to give a new recipe a try! Or feel free to use pinto beans instead.

  196. My brother is the one that loves tamales almost any kind and the spicier the better. I will try these tamales or have his wife who is Mexican give it a whirl. Love your recipes make me think I can make them too.

    1. Hi Florence! On the left of the page there are four orange buttons and you can use the bottom one with an envelope on it to email the recipe to yourself.

  197. … love all kinds of tamales. Firat encounter was when after moving to San Antonio, TX classmates took me to my first Mexican restaurant, La Fonda, they ordered tamales as part of the meal. I looked at it on my plate and somehow knew that the coen husk was not to eat. They laughed as I started to investigate and unwrapped it.

  198. Hello Pati,

    I just love to watch you making delicious FOOD! You inspire me to make wonderful good meals. Thank you so much for encouraging me. I get inspired and just want to cook for my family! My family gets to benefit and thanks you too!

    Thank you Pati!!!!

  199. I love tamales! Especially the ones I used to buy from our neighbor in Arizona. Now I can make my own. Thanks, Pati!