Tex Mex or Mex Tex

“Can you think of an American dish that has been Mexicanized?” My friend Andrea asked. “It has gone the other way around, no?” I responded, thinking about Tex Mex and the complaints from Mexican food aficionados about Mexican food being Americanized in the US.

But the other way around? As I swam through my childhood memories in Mexico City I was startled by how wrong my natural response had been. Of course there are Mexicanized American foods, and plenty!

Where to start? How about those incredible hot dogs my three older sisters and I used to eat at El Galan (translates to the hunk) hot dog stand. We got into so much trouble with my father because of them. As soon as my oldest sister could drive, we stopped on our way back from school to eat one, and why not two, and why not three hot dogs con todo, with all the trimmings.

We were so full by the time we sat down in front of those homemade meals my mother had planned for us, that we could barely fit a bite into our mouths. My father angrily gave us a weekly hot dog allowance and asked my mother not to cook for a couple weeks.

The scheme didn’t work.

We compromised.

We would only eat them on Fridays.

These hot dogs were soooo Mexican. El Galan, drizzled some oil on his hot plancha or griddle. He then threw in some chopped white onions, pickled jalapenos, and tomatoes. Then, as they sizzled, he would squirt some ketchup (with some secret ingredient we still can’t figure out) and yellow mustard and mix it all up.

He threw a slice of cheddar to crown that delicious mess, he let it melt, and then shoved it into a soft hot dog bun. A steaming hot sausage then sat on top. If that wasn’t enough, if you said you wanted your hot dog especial, or special, a couple of crispy bacon slices found their way into that party.

Right now, I would give up all that is in my refrigerator to have one of those.


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  1. Doris A Cwieka

    Dec 14

    Just watched your show and those flower cookies made me want some, especially when you made a sandwich cookie with chocolate + caramel (I think) What were those?

    1. Pati Jinich

      Dec 16

  2. Andrea Sullivan

    Oct 26

    I watched a show about tacos. Pati fried bacon, and in the rendered fat fried chick peas to make them
    crispy. I did not know what the other ingredient was–some type of chili? Then shrimp were added as
    well as a smooth guacamole on top of the taco. How can I get this recipe?
    Thank you.

  3. Ivy

    Jan 06

    I had the same thing at a stand in tulsa Oklahoma best Mexican hot dog I ever had!!!!!

    1. Pati

      Jan 07


  4. Nancy

    Dec 28

    Dear Pati I found your wonderful cooking while home for Christmas break. Quickly jotting the recipe for Oregano grilled chicken I missed how much oregano to put in processor. also missed what else goes in grilled corn and scallion salad. I was hoping there was a place to look up favorite recipes but couldn’t find that either. I do not blog or do facebook but will be buying your cookbook. in the meantime my mouth is watering for the grilled chicken! hope you will have time to help me. Thank you

  5. Lisa

    Nov 11

    Hi Pati- I just bought some squash- chayotes- and went thru your website looking for recipes but didn’t see any. Do you have any recipes using them?Time is of the essence!😄

    Sorry I missed your visit in San Antonio- I would’ve gone for sure if I knew!

  6. Gary

    Sep 17

    Last night I watched your show on PBS. You made a dessert the resembled flan, but wasn’t flan. Can you give me the proper name and recipe? Kincaya or kincalla or something like that?

    1. Pati

      Oct 11

      Hola Gary! Of course!! Here you go:

  7. miriam lozano

    Jun 25

    hello pati just saw your show for the first time and i loved it,you were cooking with your handsome boys. i specially loved juju. you made them this delicioso alphabet soup and what i want is your receta for the cheesecake you made for dessert you used marias cookies and had cajeta too for the top i really want your receta please and keep cooking you are so pleasent to wach .

    1. Pati

      Jun 25

      Hola Miriam, here you go, so happy you enjoyed the show!

  8. Nancy Carter

    Feb 04

    I am interested in your Mexican Chocolate Donut recipe. I cannot find it listed among your recipes. I have the cast iron pan for the stove top that you used to make the donuts. Please e-mail me the recipe at the address I gave you above. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you. Nancy

    We are very careful of our personal e=mail. Thank you for your cooperation.

    1. Pati

      Feb 06

      Hola Nancy, So happy you are going to try the donuts! The recipe is here:

  9. Sofia

    Jan 31

    I’ve gone to Hotdogs “El Galan” by the University in Mexico City. They are the BEST!!!! you cannot eat only one!! they are AMAZING!! OMG! I would give up anything to eat one right now too!!
    And some tacos from “El farolito”

    1. Pati

      Feb 01

      Sofia, You have!! You are making me want to eat one right now, too! 🙂

      1. sofia

        Feb 02

        Si Paty! de hecho esta Navidad pasada fuimos pero estaba cerrado. 🙁 y nos moriamos de ganas. Fuimos a otros y tambien cerrados. Creo que cierran cuando la universidad esta de vacaciones. Si yo tambien mejor publica la receta mas cercana o que se le asimile a esos hot dogs de “el galan” . Saludos!!!

        P.S. y que me dices del farolito? por ahi vi una foto que parecia que era ahi….oye y donde tomaron ese tren?

  10. Crystal

    May 03

    LOL Thank you for posting this! My husband thinks I’m a nut because I put so much stuff on my hot dogs (he’s the plain mustard guy.)I like my hot dogs LA style, wrapped in bacon, melted cheese, tomates, chiles vinagres, and cebolla. I even throw in some aguacates!

  11. Renata

    Nov 18

    Que delicia Pati!! I’ll like to check if my almost 39-year stomach is still up to the test!! I’ll let you know if I gather enough courage to try one of those after so many years! Cada día disfruto más tu blog! Un abrazo.

  12. Gabriela Ibarra

    May 30

    Felicidades Pati!
    Esta increible!
    Gracias por compartirnos todo esto!!

    1. Pati Jinich

      May 31

      Gracias Gabitas!!!

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