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Pati Jinich, la “autoridad alegre e inteligente de la comida mexicana” (New York Times) y estrella de la serie de PBS Pati’s Mexican Table – ganadora de tres Premios James Beard – reúne más de 150 recetas icónicas que caracterizan la comida del país.

Aunque muchos podemos nombrar nuestros platillos mexicanos favoritos, es probable que conozcamos menos de diez, lo que es lamentable ya que México cuenta con una riquísima historia culinaria desde hace miles de años. Durante la última década, Pati ha investigado los tesoros culinarios de su país de origen, desde la birria hasta la salsa macha, desde las coyotas hasta la carne asada.

La mayoría de estos platillos son especialidades locales, tesoros heredados de generación en generación y desconocidos fuera de sus regiones de origen. Otros se han convertido en estrellas nacionales. Todos son ya unos clásicos. Cada receta cuenta una historia narrada en el estilo cordial y cercano de Pati. Además, todas han sido probada en su propia cocina para asegurarse de que sea la mejor receta de su tipo. Juntas, estas recetas imprescindibles recrean el panorama vivo de la riqueza de México.

Mole de Novia
salpicón de carne
rosca de reyes de chocolate y vainilla
chimichangas de guisado de res con papa
aguachile de callo de hacha


“I am in love with this cookbook because it’s a pure take on classic recipes in a very approachable way. The book is so enthusiastic and friendly that I feel like Pati’s energy flows right into the food. The love and energy are translated beautifully from cook to audience. Pati knows what’s up.” – Ellen Marie Bennett, founder and CEO of Hedley & Bennett. Glamour. 12/20/21. Read full article

“Jinich writes the way she performs on her popular PBS show, ‘Pati’s Mexican Table.’ Her smarts, warmth and enthusiasm season her recipes as surely as any of the chiles she’s asking you to use.” – Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post. 12/10/21. Read full article

“Pati Jinich is a treasure, and her new cookbook is too. It highlights regional specialties from all around Mexico, including easy meals for weeknights and large-scale recipes to feed a celebratory crowd… every page feels like an encouragement to fire up the stove, whether you’re craving a hearty warming soup or any of a wide variety of moles.” – Emily Johnson, Epicurious. 12/10/21. Read full article

“Pati Jinich is host of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ on PBS, and her recipes are impeccable. This volume is a must-have for anyone who loves Mexican cuisine, ranging across regions and time… Rich with anecdotes and information, ‘Treasures of the Mexican Table’ is aptly named, a treasure for the home cook.” – Devra First, The Boston Globe. 12/8/21. Read full article

“As its title promises, [Treasures of the Mexican Table] is a carefully curated treasury of Mexican recipes, from the familiar…to dishes many of us haven’t encountered before.” – Jennifer Reese, The New York Times. 12/3/21. Read full article

“The newest project from Pati Jinich… is at once a cookbook and a history lesson. ‘Treasures of the Mexican Table’ celebrates regional Mexican dishes, both known and unknown, from a pinto bean and masa dumpling soup from a tiny Sinaloan mountain town to melty queso fundido. Get to know the state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatán through seared white beans mixed with toasty ground pumpkin seeds, or Hidalgo in Central Mexico by roasting juicy, chili-rubbed chicken. No fewer than 17 essential salsas pair with almost any dish in the book.” — E.K., San Francisco Chronicle. 11/30/21. Read full article

“Chef Pati Jinich believes that the quality of the dish lies in the sazón — that unique taste achieved only by cracking the code. It’s that special something that gives Mexican food its distinctive personality. [She] offers more than 150 recipes full of sazón in her new cookbook, ‘Treasures of the Mexican Table: Classic Recipes, Local Secrets.'” – Eve Rotman, Jewish Journal. 11/26/21. Read full article

“Through its expansive collection of generally easy recipes, [Treasures of the Mexican Table] highlights the foods of melded communities, ancient cultures, and everything in between. In so doing, it extends a bridge to home cooks beyond the Mexican border.” – Liza Schoenfein, Forward. 11/18/21. Read full article

“From national favorites to small village specialties, Emmy-nominated host of PBS’s ‘Pati’s Mexican Table,’ Pati Jinich, scoured her native Mexico for the country’s most authentic and beloved recipes for Treasures of the Mexican Table. You will, of course, find tacos, tamales and salsas within, but look for local favorites like papadzules (egg enchiladas with pumpkin seed salsa) from Yucatán and snapper zarandeado, whose sauce changes by region but whose method is universal.” – Brandon Shultz, Forbes. 11/15/21. Read full article

“This epic tome is a must have for home cooks… [Treasures of the Mexican Table] dives deep into the dishes that have held families together and kept communities connected, spanning the country and showing us the range of Mexican cuisine. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the book is its timeless feel. Yet the recipes, some of which go back centuries, feel relevant.” – Lynn Andriani, 11/2/21. Read full review

“The research for [Pati Jinich’s] latest cookbook, ‘Treasures of the Mexican Table’… takes her from the cattle ranches of Chihuahua to the tropics of the Yucatan peninsula in search of the heirloom dishes that have connected families and communities for generations. The goal of these recipes, Jinich explains, is to help the reader achieve buen sazón. That’s what Mexicans say ‘when somebody has a knack for getting the flavor of a dish just right, so that you want to come back for more.'” – Susan Puckett, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 10/6/21. Read full review

“Clocking in at over 400 pages, Mexican cooking expert Pati Jinich’s latest cookbook features recipes spanning the cuisines of Mexico. Knowing her rigorous research and testing process, these recipes (especially the birria) are on my fall cooking shortlist.” – M.F.H., Food & Wine. 9/30/21. Read full article

“Backstories are also what make cookbooks like Treasures of the Mexican Table by PBS veteran Pati Jinich more personal and useful. Her motivation for her latest book? To highlight the culinary diversity of Mexico and the ingredients from her home country’s 32 states.” – Jamila Robinson, Food & Wine. 9/28/21. Read full article

“The charming, infectiously enthusiastic Pati Jinich has been educating audiences for years about the breadth and diversity of Mexico’s cuisine… Her latest cookbook, Treasures of the Mexican Table, allows her to continue showcasing hyper-regional dishes from the country’s 31 states and capital.” – Missy Frederick, Eater. 9/7/21. Read full article