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Pati’s Mexican Table Season 4

Episode 401: Good Morning, Mexico!

Pati is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a pretty vacation town known for cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, art galleries and delicious eats. This week, Alan, Sami and Juju have a break from school, so she brought them along! The Jinich family has just arrived in San Miguel, and Pati wants to kick off the week with a delicious breakfast. But first, she’ll introduce us to San Miguel.

Episode 402: Adventures in San Miguel

Pati is vactioning in San Miguel de Allende, which has lots of opportunities for rest & relaxation, but today Pati is here for one thing – FOOD! From street food to fine dining, San Miguel has always been one of Mexico’s top culinary destinations! Pati is going to show us the highlights of the food scene, then she’ll head back to the kitchen to cook up recipes that reflect the region.

Episode 403: Taco Night!

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy tacos, and Pati is constantly trying to impress her boys with new twists on traditional taco recipes. Her sons love tacos so much that the Jinich’s have a family tradition every couple of weeks: Taco Night! While the family is on vacation in San Miguel, Pati has decided to bring their Taco Night tradition to Mexico.

Episode 404: Summer Evening Party

It’s the end of a great week in San Miguel, so Pati and her family decide to have a summer evening party – the perfect end to a fun family vacation. First, she’ll head to a few places in San Miguel for ingredients, Agropark and a local winery. Back home she’ll cook a big, celebatory family dinner to be enjoyed on their patio, while the sun sets over the city.

Episode 405: Tamaliza!

An episode dedicated to one of Mexico’s most iconic foods: tamales. Pati will cook a few variations of tamales, both savory and sweet, then her girlfriends stop by for a tamale party – a tamaliza!

Episode 406: Mexamericana

Pati’s family is the perfect example of cultures colliding – Mexican and American. The happy result is the creation of unique and tasty recipes. Pati dives deep into the blending of these cultures and comes up with some classic American recipes that have a delicious Mexican twist. She also takes us to a local restaurant where she learns the owner’s own unique Mex-American story.

Episode 407: Cooking with the Fans

Pati is in constant contact with her fans – through Facebook, Twitter, email – and they love to give her feedback on her recipes. In this episode, Pati will update and put new spins on her three most popular recipes according to the fans. And she’ll surprise a lucky fan by showing up at his or her house!

Episode 408: Street Food Favorites

Street food has always been popular, but these days it’s booming as more and more chefs are bringing food trucks and stands to the streets! In this episode, Pati visits the city of Guanajuato, known for having some of the best street food in all of Mexico, to highlight some of her favorites. Then, she shows us how we can recreate some of them in our own kitchens.

Episode 409: Sami’s Big Day

This show is all about Pati’s middle son, Sami. Being stuck in the middle of first born, Alan, and Mr. Personality himself, Juju, isn’t always easy for Sami. Every once in a while, Pati likes to give Sami a day all to himself, and he’ll help her as she cooks his absolute favorite foods!

Episode 410: Modern Mexico

Mexican cuisine is full of long-standing traditional recipes and techniques. But there are many chefs bringing new ideas to the table, giving a modern twist to Mexican cooking. In this episode, Pati meets two chefs in Mexico City who are putting modern spins on this age-old cuisine. She then taps into that creativity to show us her ideas for how we can “modernize” our Mexican kitchen.

Episode 411: Family Favorites

Every family has passed-down recipes, and Pati’s is no exception. Food has always been a central part of her family life. She’ll show us a couple recipes that were passed down to her, as well as a recipe she hopes to pass down to her sons. Also, meet Pati’s mom and sister, as she joins them for lunch at one of their favorite restaurants in Mexico City.

Episode 412: Baked!

Mexican cuisine is chock-full of grilled, roasted, fried and frozen recipes, but for those looking to expand their repertoire with some baked recipes, this episode is for you! Today, Pati’s Mexican Table becomes Pati’s Mexican Bakery with a variety of simple recipes – all of which bake right in the oven.

Episode 413: Backyard Picnic

Pati is throwing a picnic for family and friends in her backyard. She’ll make some of her favorite “picnic foods” and serve everyone outside picnic-style. It also happens to be her husband Dany’s birthday, so a big surprise is in store!