Pati Jinich tasajo torta with smoky guacamole


Tasajo Torta with Smoky Guacamole

Tasajo Torta with Smoky Guacamole

Torta de Tasajo con Guacamole Ahumado  

Recipe Yield

6 Tortas

Cooking time

10 minutes

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To Prepare

  • Slice the bread in half. Toast under the broiler, on the grill, or on a hot comal until warmed and slightly browned. Remove from heat.
  • Spread refried beans on each of the bottom half of each roll. On top of the refried beans, place the meat, shredded cheese, a tomato slice and a generous dollop of the guacamole. Top with the other toasted bread half and serve!


31comments inTasajo Torta with Smoky Guacamole

  1. Kyle S

    Nov 09

    I never thought that meat, salt, air and time could makes something so incredible. I just finished making this torta and it is spectacular! Gracias, Pati for introducing me to something new!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Nov 09

      So happy you liked it Kyle, yay!

  2. kenny c

    Feb 23

    dear pati, what oil did you brush the grill and tasjo with. you rock!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Feb 25

      I used vegetable oil Kenny 😉

  3. Tom

    May 02

    Saw this on pbs Cinco de mayo special today. Cant wait to make it next weekend for my family. Looks absolutely delicious. Love your show, its travel and the best food all in one and you are such a great happy positive great to watch host. After today, im adding Oaxaca to my travel plans.

    1. Pati Jinich

      May 07

      So glad you will make this torta Tom, you guys are going to love it. And you are going to adore Oaxaca! Hopefully you can make it there soon 😉

  4. Alice

    Jun 19

    Pati, this was an awesome sandwich! The smoky guacamole was exactly the right “zip” with the salty meat and mild beans. The only change I would make is to put the cheese on the bread while it is toasting, so it can melt. This is a real winner!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jun 21

      Yes Alice! Melted Oaxaca Cheese is always a good idea, yum 😉

  5. Linda Gonzales

    Jun 19

    What is Tasajo meat ?

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jun 21

      It is dried, cured beef Linda. Here is the recipe for you

  6. Lili Bru

    May 16

    Paty gracias! Ésta receta está deliciosa estamos mi esposo y yo encantados con la preparación del tasajo! Ya queremos hacer kilos para tener siempre a la mano. De verdad muy agradecidos de que hagas esos recorridos por nuestra gastronomía y más aún de que compartas con nosotros éstas ricuras! We love you!

    1. Pati Jinich

      May 20

      Mil gracias Lili! Que buena idea tener tasajo a la mano siempre. Un abrazo 😉

  7. Sara

    Feb 07

    Hi Pati, I love your show so much! It brings my husband and I so much joy watching you. I was wondering, what is the best substitute for Oaxaca cheese?

    1. Pati Jinich

      Feb 07

      Thanks Sara to you and your husband for tuning in! For this torta, I would substitute Oaxaca cheese with fresh Mozzarella, you can read a bit more about this here:

      1. Sara

        Feb 08

        Mucho gracias Pati – we are planning on making this today 🙂

  8. Nonna

    Sep 15

    I made this today. Yum, yum, yum!!! I made the bread using a new recipe for po-boy bread. I made the Smoky guacamole using ripe jalapeños from my garden. I’m sending this recipe to all of my friends that love good food. I’ll be making this again real soon. And figure out how to make a chicken version. Thanks Pati.

    1. Pati Jinich

      Sep 24

      Your bread sounds yum, Nonna!

  9. Mike loves Mexican food

    Aug 04

    Just made this yesterday and it is delicious!! The recipes for the Tasajo, refried beans, and smoky guacamole are now permanent go-to’s in my recipe box. My only failure was that I didn’t have bolillos or Oaxaca cheese so I substituted flour tortillas and mozzarella cheese which were the closest substitutes I had on hand. Even with these slight changes I was very happy, but will be getting to the market today to get the proper ingredients for the leftovers at lunch. Thanks Pati! Really enjoy your television show on PBS too!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Aug 06

      That’s great that they are now your go-to recipes, Mike!

  10. Deb

    May 18

    Made this tonight and it was wonderful! We will have it again.

    1. Pati

      May 21


  11. Cecilia Wauschek

    Apr 06

    Plz help Patti u made a dish for ur sun that u got the meat and pounded it flat in parchment paper what was that called that’s son not sun

    1. Pati

      Apr 06

      Oh that is this torta…the Tasajo torta. Here’s the recipe for the meat:

  12. Ken

    Mar 28

    Patti looks delicious

    1. Pati

      Mar 28

      Thanks Ken!

  13. Patricia Guzman

    Oct 01

    Can I please have the recipe for the preparation of the Tasajo meat. Thank you

    1. Pati

      Oct 02

  14. Dan Hughes.

    Sep 11

    Your pic shows tomato and cheese in different layer order.

    1. Pati

      Sep 12

      Hahaha true…you can put it in any order you like :).

  15. Leticia manzanares

    Sep 11

    How do you make Smokey Guacamole?

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