Episode 910: Sabores Norteños

Pati is inspired by Sonora’s “northern flavors” where the hot, arid desert lends itself to hearty and surprising recipes. She makes traditional tamales with corn, chiles, and cheese, and then for the main course, pork chops topped with a pickled grape salad. In Sonora, she visits a traditional hacienda, where she gets a true taste of Sonoran ranch food.

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Episode 909: Cooking for my Crew in Sonora

As Pati travels with her TV production crew through Mexico’s vast state of Sonora, she’s inspired by the bold flavors and ingredients. They stop at a hacienda outside of Hermosillo, where Pati prepares her take on a true Sonoran feast in the rustic outdoor kitchen: Sonora cheese soup, chicken in pecan and ancho chile sauce, and asparagus with chiltepín.

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Episode 908: Super Sonoran

Pati makes three classic Sonoran recipes, each one a meal in itself: a fish special called pescado zarandeado, a rich stew called gallina pinta, and a tasty dirty rice with clams. In Sonora, she visits vacation destination Puerto Peñasco, where some of the town’s best chefs take her to the local market and invite her for a feast of their favorite recipes from the region.

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Episode 907: Legends of the Sonoran Sea

Pati travels to Sonora’s coast on the Sea of Cortez, where local legend Toño Contreras gives her a tour including shellfish on the beach, his restaurant Mariscos El Rey, and his home kitchen for some crave-worthy recipes. This inspires Pati to make a couple seafood-loaded recipes at home – double-stacked shrimp and cheese tacos and a Sonoran-style shrimp and scallop tostada.

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Episode 906: Sonoran Family Favorites for Sami

Pati spends a day in the kitchen with her middle son, Sami, cooking recipes inspired by her travels in Sonora that she knows he’ll love – beef and potato chimichangas, rice with lentils and caramelized onions, and an avocado and radish salad. In Sonora, Pati sees how the family bond can be the secret to delicious recipes at a famous family run street food stand, Johnny’s Tacos in Hermosillo.

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Episode 905: Flour Power

Sonoran wheat has shaped the cuisine of the entire Mexican north and is a staple of Sonoran cuisine. Pati tours one of Hermosillo’s oldest flour mills and gets a lesson on making coyotas, a traditional dessert, at a local bakery. In her kitchen, Pati shares her take on a classic Sonoran recipe: a carne con chile burrito. Then, she shows us how to make coyotas at home.

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Episode 904: Carne Asada with La Familia

Pati learns that carne asada goes way beyond grilled meat in Sonora. It’s an important weekly ritual that brings the whole family together. Back home, Pati throws a carne asada in her backyard for her husband and boys. First, she teaches them the basics of a true Sonoran carne asada. Then, for dessert, a whipped peanut buttercream and grape galette.

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Episode 903: The Blessing and The Benefit

Pati experiences two important Sonoran culinary traditions. First, on the coast in Bahía Kino, local fishermen receive “the blessing” from a woman from the Seri tribe before heading out on the water to catch giant sea scallops. Then, in the mountain town of Matape, Nere, one of Sonora’s few female butchers, shares with Pati a tradition called “the benefit.”

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Episode 902: Hermosillo Food Crawl

Pati spends a day in Sonora’s capital, Hermosillo, visiting some of the city’s best culinary destinations. From gigantic burritos at Doña Guille, to a meat lover’s feast with the owner of the popular restaurant Mochomos, mingling with the young crowd at La Ruina brew park, and a treat no trip would be complete without, Sonoran hot dogs.

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Episode 901: Tucson: Gateway to Sonora

In Tucson, Pati learns the basics of artisan bread-making from one of America’s best bakers, Don Guerra of Barrio Bakery. This experience sets her on a mission to cross into Sonora, Mexico, to see where the Sonoran wheat Don uses for his breads originates. Pati takes what she learned back to her kitchen to create a menu of tasty recipes using wheat flour.

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Episode 813: How Do You Say Tucson?

Pati travels to Tucson, Arizona, which claims to have the best 23 miles of Mexican food anywhere in the world. She visits restaurants and meets local chefs to get a deeper understanding of what Mexican food in America truly is. What happens to recipes when they cross the border? How do different cultures connect and shape the food we eat? And what is this Sonoran hot dog everyone is raving about?

Episode 812: Home Cooking Sinaloa Style

Pati visits home cooks and an iconic restaurant to sample some of Sinaloa’s most beloved dishes. She meets a family of bread bakers in Altata to try their rustic pan de mujer. And she goes to one of the most famous restaurants in Mazatlán, Cuchupetas, which is beloved by celebrities, politicians, and locals for delicious seafood and a one of a kind experience.

Episode 811: A Day in Sinaloa’s Countryside

Known as “Mexico’s Breadbasket,” Sinaloa produces about 40% of the meat and produce consumed in all of Mexico. Pati travels the countryside to get an up-close look at the wealth of resources Sinaloa has to offer. She visits a dairy farm known for its fresh cheese, tours a high-tech produce farm, and gets a fresh-water fishing lesson from a master fisherman.

Episode 810: Surfside Eats

Celestino Gasca didn’t exist until about 30 years ago and is becoming a vacation destination due to its magnificent beaches and idyllic surfing conditions. Pati meets restaurant owner Carmen and helps her cook an iconic Sinaloan dish: pescado zarandeado. Then, she travels to the nearby fishing village Las Barras to learn how to harvest percebes, a tiny crustacean considered a delicacy.

Episode 809: Mocorito, The Land of Chilorio

Mocorito is known for one of Sinaloa’s most beloved recipes: a slow-simmered pork dish called chilorio. Pati visits Victoria Gonzalez, a cook known for having one of the best chilorio recipes. Then she goes with Victoria to see her sister, Fabiola, who specializes in another Sinaloan classic, jamoncillo: a soft candy made of sugar and milk. In her kitchen, Pati perfects her own chilorio recipe.

Episode 808: El Chepe, Railway to the Past

The El Chepe railway is a historic passenger train offering stunning views of the Sinaloa countryside and the Copper Canyon. Pati rides the first section of the train’s journey, from Los Mochis to El Fuerte, and tastes the gourmet offerings from the train’s restaurant, Urike. Back home, the early morning train ride inpsires Pati to make a delicious breakfast based on Sinaloan classics.

Episode 807: Jinetes, Adventure in the Mountains

Pati travels into the mountains of Sinaloa to the tiny village of Jinetes. The small population of barely 100 people live on whatever the land gives them. Miles and miles removed from civilization, they’ve managed to preserve their customs and recipes for generations. Pati is the first visitor to come learn from their culinary traditions and they’ve prepared a feast fit for the occasion.

Episode 806: El Fuerte, Magic Town

Pati is in El Fuerte, one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Mágicos” or magic towns. Now a quiet colonial town, El Fuerte was the most important commercial and agricultural center in northwest Mexico for over 300 years. After a walking tour and a stop at the Hotel Posada Hidalgo to try their famous cauques, a unique local shellfish, Pati creates a few lobster recipes in her kitchen.

Episode 805: A Taste of Mazatlán

Sinaloa’s premiere resort town has 13-miles of beautiful coastline and some of the best restaurants in Mexico. But Mazatlán has overcome a complicated history. Pati meets two close friends, chefs Luis Osuna and Zahie Tellez – both witnessed the evolution of Mazatlán firsthand. They each give her a personal tour of the city, and chef Luis takes Pati to his family’s restaurant, Panamá.

Episode 804: Los Mochis, Street Taco Favorites

Pati heads to Los Mochis, a coastal city in the northern region of Sinaloa that was founded by Americans in the late 1800s. After learning its unique history and getting an incredibly delicious tour of the street food, Pati returns to her kitchen to create two mouth-watering taco recipes that take her right back to those street stands in Los Mochis.

Episode 803: South by South of the Border with Vivian Howard

Pati welcomes dear friend and fellow public television chef and host Vivian Howard to her kitchen. In this south of the border meets southern food experience, Pati and Vivian will cook a couple of their classic recipes for each other, looking for connections in cultures and food.

Episode 802: Altata, Hidden Gem by the Sea of Cortez

Altata is a small coastal town with stretches of beautiful beaches. Pati meets locals and chefs as the town embarks on a journey to reinvent itself from sleepy fishing village to tourist destination. She takes a boat ride to sample fresh oysters right from the water and visits restaurants serving fresh seafood. At home, Pati prepares a seafood feast based on the bountiful waters of the Altata Bay.

Episode 801: A Local’s Tour of Culiacán

Pati visits Culiacán, the capital of Sinaloa. Founded in 1531, Culiacán is the center of trade for produce, meat, and fish. Locals pride themselves on the produce cultivated from the land and nearby sea. Celebrated chef and culinary ambassador Miguel Taniyama takes Pati to the best markets, street food stands, and restaurants. In her kitchen, Pati creates recipes inspired by the experience.

Episode 705: Mexican Wine Country

With over 100 wineries, people are traveling from all over to experience Mexico’s wine region in Valle de Guadalupe. Pati visits to learn the history of the region and find out what caused it to explode in popularity. She tastes wine and eats a top-notch meal at Bruma with Chef David Castro Hussong. Then, she catches up with old friends at Monte Xanic winery, one of the region’s oldest wineries.

Episode 713: Mex’d Up American Regional Favorites

Pati’s passion for travel doesn’t stop in Mexico, she also has a soft spot for her American travels. Plus, Pati is always feeding her three growing Mexican-American boys. In addition to adoring their mom’s Mexican dishes, her sons love some American classics. So, Pati will put her Mexican spin on a few regional American dishes to surprise her boys.

Episode 712: Photographic Food Memories

Friends and family always tell Pati she has an extraordinary photographic food memory. She can recall a bite of a memorable dish from decades ago as if it were just yesterday. So, Pati decides to recreate some of her most favorite food memories in her own kitchen and give the stories behind the dishes.

Episode 711: New York

Pati is invited to cook a Cinco de Mayo dinner at the prestigious James Beard House in New York. While in New York, she visits three Mexican-American culinary establishments around the city to hear the chefs’ stories of using food as a way of pursuing their dreams in America, creating their own successful businesses, and honoring traditional Mexican recipes and ingredients.

Episode 710: Los Cabos by Land & Sea

Pati sets out on the Sea of Cortez in search of the freshest, tastiest seafood Los Cabos has to offer. Along with Chef Guillermo Gomez of Cabo’s luxurious Esperanza hotel, Pati reels in a fresh catch and heads back to the shore. Pati grills up her catch-of-the-day beachside with Chef Guillermo, as they discuss the evolution of Cabo San Lucas from small fishing village to vacation destination.

Episode 709: The Godmother of Cabo Cuisine

Pati visits the small town of Miraflores with Edith Jimenez, a culinary icon in Los Cabos. At age 15, starting out as a waitress, Edith decided she would one day own the restaurant where she worked and is now living her dream. Owner of both Edith’s Restaurant and The Office, she ensures the preservation of history and culture by consistently using recipes from locals in the area.

Episode 708: Road Trippin’ with Javier Plascencia

Pati spends a day with Javier Plascencia, one of Baja’s most celebrated chefs. He gives her a tour of the Baja he knows and loves, exploring the areas of Todos Santos and Pescadero. They make a pit stop at his favorite roadside carnitas stand, tour a local organic farm, and head to the beach for fresh-off-the-boat fish. Finally, they make their way to Javier’s newest restaurant, Jazamango.

Episode 707: La Paz: The Heart of Baja Sur

Pati explores La Paz, the capital of Baja Sur. She swims with whale sharks in the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez, then satiates the appetite she worked up at El Bismarkcito, a seafood institution on La Paz’s waterfront. She also stops to meet with Chef Carlos Valdez of Tatanka, a vivacious local chef with a sense of humor and some must-eat food.

Episode 706: Loreto: Baja’s Hidden Gem

One of Baja’s most well-kept secrets has Pati on a mission to explore bite-by-bite. Loreto is a small town on the Gulf of California that almost feels like a step back in time. Pati visits the oldest mision in Baja California to learn about the town’s history. She can’t leave without trying a dish you can only get fresh in Baja – the indigenous almejas chocolatas or chocolate clams.

Episode 704: Baja Breakfast

In Valle De Guadalupe, Pati visits one of the most legendary cooks in the area, Doña Esthela, who began with a humble burrito stand outside of her home. By word of mouth, her restaurant gained a reputation for one of the tastiest breakfasts in the world. Pati cooks with Doña Esthela and then takes the inspiration back home, where she whips up a Baja-style breakfast for her boys.

Episode 703: Ensenada’s Epic Seafood

The port town of Ensenada is a seafood mecca. Fresh fish is everywhere you look, and this hub for seafood exportation is also the gateway to Mexican wine country. Pati eats her way through this coastal gem from their famous fish tacos to La Guerrenese, considered the best street food on the planet, to the oldest bar in Baja and originator of the margarita, Hussongs.

Episode 702: Tijuana: Stories from the Border

Life on the border is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines that creates a unique culinary scene. As a Mexican immigrant in America, Pati spent her life combining cuisines. Influences from San Diego, southern Mexico, and all over the world come together as Pati dives deep to get the real story of what life and food are like on the border.

Episode 701: Tijuana’s Culinary Revolution

One of the most up and coming food destinations in all of Mexico, Tijuana is full of young, fresh talent across the culinary scene. Some of the best chefs in the world are coming from all over and setting up shop to take part in Baja’s most exciting culinary movement. Pati spends the day meeting up with the hottest new chefs in town.

Episode 605: From Pueblo to City

Pati spends a day with one of Oaxaca’s best-known chefs and owner of Casa Oaxaca, Alex Ruiz. Alex takes Pati on a personal journey through his favorite market and family farm, showing her the Oaxaca that he knows and loves. In her kitchen, Pati creates some family friendly recipes inspired by her day with Alex and serves them to her son Juju.

Episode 606: Women of Oaxaca

Pati meets with women chefs, business owners and leaders of society, exploring the role of women in Oaxaca and their influence on the customs and cuisine. In her kitchen, she cooks recipes that she learned from Oaxacan women including coloradito chicken and a mashed potato cazuela. Then, she ends with a favorite of the women in her family, a milky and luscious chocolatey dessert.

Episode 607: The Art of Mole

Pati takes us on an in-depth exploration of all things mole. Oaxaca is known as the land of moles, and there are too many varieties to name. Through instruction in her kitchen and exploration while in Oaxaca, she’s going to give us the basics of mole, some of its history and importance, and a few of her personal favorite recipes.