whipped cream

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Whipped Cream: Make it at Home

You want whipped cream that is foamy, airy, and delightful…

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Crepes: Basic Recipe

Crepes can be found in Mexico in both sweet and…

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Vanilla Beans: Five Ways to Preserve

Vanilla is such an extraordinary ingredient. As basic as that…

homemade flour tortillas

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Tortillas: Make Flour Tortillas at Home

There are so many ways that you can have and…

cilantro vinaigrette

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Vinaigrette: How to Emulsify

We've all heard that word here and there: “emulsify." Why…

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Unflavored Gelatin: How to Use

Are you tired of the clumps and lumps when you…

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Puff Pastry: Basic Recipe

It’s true you can always buy frozen puff pastry at…

Tamarind Concentrate Main

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Tamarind Concentrate: Basic Recipe

Tamarind concentrate can be purchased from the grocery already made,…

beans from the pot or frijoles de olla

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Beans: Frijoles de Olla or Beans from the Pot

The uses of beans in Mexican cooking are immense. Although…

strained beans or frijoles colados

Cooking TechniquesApr 15

Beans: Frijoles Colados or Strained Beans

The Frijoles Colados or Strained Beans, are what the Yucatecans…

basic pureed beans

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Beans: Basic Pureed Beans

Pureed beans are made with Frijoles de la Olla that…


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Tostadas and Chips: Make them at Home

Tostadas and chips are very versatile ingredients to have in…

charred onion and garlic

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Charring: How to Char Ingredients

One way to add a nice rustic feel to a…

Pati Jinich how to prep poblano chiles

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Poblano Peppers: How to Prep

Poblano peppers, or chiles, are rarely used in their raw…