whipped cream

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Whipped Cream: Make it at Home

You want whipped cream that is foamy, airy, and delightful…

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Crepes: Basic Recipe

Crepes can be found in Mexico in both sweet and…

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Vanilla Beans: Five Ways to Preserve

Vanilla is such an extraordinary ingredient. As basic as that…

homemade flour tortillas

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Tortillas: Make Flour Tortillas at Home

There are so many ways that you can have and…

cilantro vinaigrette

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Vinaigrette: How to Emulsify

We've all heard that word here and there: “emulsify." Why…

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Unflavored Gelatin: How to Use

Are you tired of the clumps and lumps when you…

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Puff Pastry: Basic Recipe

It’s true you can always buy frozen puff pastry at…

Tamarind Concentrate Main

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Tamarind Concentrate: Basic Recipe

Tamarind concentrate can be purchased from the grocery already made,…

beans from the pot or frijoles de olla

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Frijoles de Olla or Beans from the Pot

The uses of beans in Mexican cooking are immense. Although…

strained beans or frijoles colados

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Frijoles Colados or Strained Beans

The Frijoles Colados or Strained Beans, are what the Yucatecans…

basic pureed beans

The BasicsApr 01

Basic Pureed Beans

Pureed beans are made with Frijoles de la Olla that…


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Tostadas and Chips: Make them at Home

Tostadas and chips are very versatile ingredients to have in…

charred onion and garlic

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Charring: How to Char Ingredients

One way to add a nice rustic feel to a…

cooked salsa verde

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Cooked Salsa Verde: Basic Recipe

This is a versatile basic green tomatillo salsa. It can…

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Refried Beans

You will find that refried beans are one of the…

Pati Jinich how to prep poblano chiles

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Poblano Peppers: How to Prep

Poblano peppers, or chiles, are rarely used in their raw…