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PATI’S MEXICAN TABLE:Pati's Mexican Table libro
The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking

Hardcover | Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | Mar. 5, 2013 | 288 Páginas

Pati Jinich, conductora la popular serie de PBS Pati’s Mexican Table y como se describe a ella misma “mamá súper ocupada de tres niños con una licuadora poderosa”, tiene una misión: demostrar que la comida casera mexicana es mucho más rápida y fácil de lo que la mayoría de los norteamericanos creen.

Sus platillos no están nadando en queso, ni son pesados, ni todos fritos, ni se basan en salsas complicadas. Tampoco son necesariamente picantes. Son sorprendentemente sencillos, e incorporan ingredientes frescos. Aún más importante, se adaptan perfectamente a las comidas diarias familiares, usan pocos ingredientes y muchos de ellos ya están en tu alacena. Muchas de las recetas son especialidades caseras de la mamá y abuela de Pati, otras son adaptaciones creativas de platillos clásicos y otras más no son muy conocidas fuera de México.

Platillos como Pollo a la Basura ¡delicioso!; Albóndigas a la mexicana con menta y chipotle; Salmón agridulce y Pasta a la mexicana son platillos que pueden darle otros aires a tus menús diarios. También encontrarás varios platillos vegetarianos, como Sopa de aguacate clásica, Huevos divorciados y Quesadillas con champiñones estilo Oaxaca.

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Praise for Pati Jinich PATI’S MEXICAN TABLE

“Pati Jinich has created the most delicious guide book to the magnificent market-driven home cooking of Mexico that I’ve ever seen. This book makes it simple to create fresh and tasty Mexican food and inspires me to make soft fresh tortillas, pickle my own jalapeños, and delight in Chicken Tinga with my family. This book will become a family heirloom at my house forever.” – Mario Batali

“Pati is a breath of fresh air in the food world. She’s warm, beyond smart, she’s funny and a generous and gifted cook. She knows Mexican food as her heritage and as a scholar, but knows, too, the realities of being a working mother. She never gave up on the tastes she grew up with, but she’s got an uncanny way of streamlining how she recreates them. This is one of those books you’ll be cooking and learning from for a long time.” – Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of The Splendid Table from American Public Media

“Pati’s Mexican Table is a gem of a book that guides us through the bold flavors of Mexican cookery. Pati has such skill in delivering recipes full of detail and complexity with a nurturing cadence. This is a staple for every cookbook shelf!” – Hugh Acheson, author of A New Turn in the South

“Pati’s energy and spirit shine through in this beautiful book. The delicious, accessible recipes represent an exciting and fresh side of Mexican cooking — perfect for sharing with family and friends! The stunning photos, helpful cooking tips, and concise ingredient explanations make this a favorite that you will turn to again and again.” – Joan Nathan, author of Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous

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Pati’s Mexican Table wins an International Latino Book Award in the “best cookbook” category. 6/28/14. See all winners

Pati’s Mexican Table on CNN “100 books for a lifetime of cooking and drinking.” 10/17/16. Read full list

“Lots of color, lots of flavor — that seems to be Jinich’s motto, whether the dish is sweet (guava cheesecake) or savory (shredded pork in ancho-orange sauce).” – William Grimes, book review for The New York Times. 5/30/13. Read full review

“The book is filled with bright, fresh flavors and dishes that are wonderful in their simplicity.” — Book review for Publishers Weekly. 12/17/12. Read full review

“Chef, cooking teacher, food writer (and mother of three), Jinich has emerged as one of the most passionate and articulate proponents of the simple joys of Mexican home cooking.” — Greg Morago, The Houston Chronicle. 3/5/13. Read full article

“Many of [Pati’s] favorite homey, way-beyond-taco-salad-and-chimichanga recipes show up in her new cookbook, ‘Pati’s Mexican Table: The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking’…Jinich fills the pages with easy-to-prepare, nonstereotypical cuisine.” – Jennifer Barger, The Washington Post Express. 3/15/13. Read full article

“This collection of recipes…emphasizes the sort of home cooking found throughout Mexico…Unlike what most people think of as Mexican food, most of these dishes are nuanced and unfamiliar.” — Grant Butler, book review for The Oregonian. 3/4/13. Read full review

“Rather than focus on one part of Mexico, Jinich paints with a broad brush of flavor. Favorite recipes include the hearty pinto bean soup from Michoacán and the chicken tinga from Puebla.” — Miranda Koerner, The San Antonio Express-News. 3/4/13. Read full article

“Pati Jinich didn’t grow up to be a chef, although she comes from a family of accomplished cooks. She dedicated her life to politics until seven years ago when she decided she would celebrate and demystify Mexican recipes ‘without compromising their soul.'” – Addie Broyles, The Austin American-Statesman. 3/5/13. Read full article

“Pati Jinich’s bright new book ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ makes me want to grab a stack of tortillas and start folding. Ms. Jinich, chef of the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C., offers colorful dishes and inspiring salsas.” – Miriam Rubin, The Pittsburg Post-Gazette. 4/11/13. Read full article

“With the publication of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table: The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking’… the circle is complete. Former bookworm policy analyst turned cooking instructor, food blogger, chef and public television culinary host Pati Jinich directs her research, experience, love of country and personal journey onto the printed page.” – Bonnie S. Benwick, book review for The Washington Post. 3/12/13. Read full review

“Pati Jinich’s enthusiasm for Mexican cooking is contagious…Her recipes are easy and approachable, and even in a country where Mexican ingredients cannot yet be found in all supermarkets, Pati has many ways to add a Mexican taste to your table.” – Bonnie Stern, The National Post (Canada). 4/7/13. Read full article

“Jinich focuses on accessible everyday Mexican family cooking. These dishes, from salads and soups to drinks and desserts, are fresh, healthy and simple, with lots of big, bold flavours.” – Alison Gillmor, book review for The Winnipeg Free Press. 4/17/13. Read full review

“One place where faiths and traditions intermingled ‘so beautifully’ in Mexico was at the table around food, [Pati] notes.” – Bill Daley, The Chicago Tribune. 3/20/13. Read full article

“Jinich focuses on the use of simple staples like soft corn tortillas, eggs, basic cuts of meat and lush produce, transforming them with fragrant spices, magical salsas and traditional Mexican cooking techniques to yield deeply flavorful, south-of-the-border-inspired meals that are right at home in any American kitchen. In short, this is home cooking for the people who really do cook at home.” – Nina Terrero, book review for NBC Latino. 4/11/13. Read full review

“Surprising in their simplicity and freshness, Jinich’s recipes incorporate fresh produce and grains. Most important, they fit perfectly into an everyday family cooking schedule and use just a handful of ingredients, most of which are already in your pantry.” – Canadian House & Home. 4/22/13. Read full article

Pati’s Mexican Table is sure to become a favorite, drawing you back to the kitchen time and time again, armed with the tips and tricks you’ll need to make these wonderful dishes a part of your family’s every day.” — Ana Sofia Pelaez, book review for The Latin Kitchen. 3/5/13. Read full review

Pati’s Mexican Table is a thoughtful book detailing fairly simple Mexican dishes that are easy to incorporate into everyday American cooking.” – Kate Williams, book review for Serious Eats. 4/1/13. Read full review

“‘Mexican home cooking is beautiful in its simplicity, tremendously convenient, and wholesome,’ [Pati] writes, and it’s these qualities that make her cookbook universally appealing, while her energetic and honest writing keep the reader engaged.” – Roni K. Devlin, owner of Literary Life Bookstore, book review for Shelf Awareness. 3/12/13. Read full review

“The former Dallas resident, who once worked for chef Stephan Pyles and now resides in D.C., has just released Pati’s Mexican Table, a cookbook offering keen insight on how best to cook the popular fare in your own home.” – Pure Wow. 3/19/13. Read full article

“Pati’s emphasis on simple. She notes that many of her dishes are even tastier when made ahead, adding to their convenience. She gives a ‘Mexican Cook’s Tip’ for most recipes, and the cookbook is sprinkled liberally with green boxes highlighting need-to-know topics.” – book review for Cooks & Books & Recipes. 5/1/2013. Read full review

“By combining her knowledge of traditional recipes with her endless culinary creativity, Jinich’s book is perfect for families who want to diversify their nightly menus with easy, healthy, and flavourful meals.” – Suzanne Gardner, Cityline (Canada). 5/24/13. Read full article

“Fans of her show on Public Television will recognize the verve and appeal of the food featured in Pati Jinich’s Pati’s Mexican Table…Far from the standard extra spicy, heavy dishes dripping with melted cheese, Pati’s recipes are ‘beautiful in simplicity, tremendously convenient, and wholesome.'” – Michall Jeffers, book review for Woman Around Town. 5/25/13. Read full review

“If you’re like me and love the flavors of Mexican cuisine and are curious to try preparing it in your home kitchen, Pati’s Mexican Table is a priceless resource…[Pati’s] debut cookbook is so user-friendly, it will quickly put your fear of unknown spices and techniques completely at ease.” – book review for Nashville Public Library. 7/23/13. Read full review