Flan Napolitano


Flan Napolitano

Flan Napolitano

Classic Creamy Flan

Recipe Yield

8 individual flans

Cooking time

1 hour

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  • 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 14- ounce can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 12- ounce can evaporated milk
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 4 ounces (or 1/2 cup) cream cheese

To Prepare

  • Preheat oven to 350°Position rack in the middle of the oven.
  • Heat the sugar in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Swirl occasionally, but do not stir. Cook until the sugar is melted and turns to caramel, about 5 to 7 minutes. Pour the caramel evenly into eight 6-ounce ramekins. Let the caramel cool slightly while you make the batter.
  • Add the sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, eggs, vanilla, and cream cheese to a blender and puree until smooth. Pour the mixture into the ramekins with the caramel, dividing it evenly among them.
  • Place the filled ramekins into a roasting pan. Pour boiling water into the roasting pan filling to about halfway up the sides of the ramekins — making sure not to get any water in them. Cover the whole pan tightly with aluminum foil and very carefully and evenly lower into the oven, as to not splash the water. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes, or until the flan has set.
  • Very carefully take the baking pan out of the oven to not splash the water. Also, be careful removing the foil as there will be hot steam escaping. Use tongs or an oven mitt to remove the flans from the roasting pan (the ramekins will be hoand allow to cool to room temperature. Transfer to the refrigerator and chill for at least a couple hours. They will keep for up to 1 week.
  • Once the flan has chilled, run a wet knife around the rim to loosen it from the ramekin. Invert the ramekin onto a plate and let the flan slide out onto the plate, caramel side up. Repeat with remaining flans. Serve cold.


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  1. Irene C Clark

    Jul 17

    Looks delicious will try this thank u soo much for sharing all your awesome dishes! love watching you on Saturday morning you make my day ! I am working on my own personal family recipe cook book.so do u have family favorite’s ? would love to hear of that ! Thank u Pati .your fan of your delicious meals which I have been trying.its work! LOL Irene Cortez Clark

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jul 25

      In fact I do Irene, on Season 4 I have an episode on Family Favorites that includes my recipes for Chiles Rellenos, Meringue Cake and Drunken Rice with Chicken, you can check it out here https://patijinich.com/video/episode-411-family-favorites/ Un abrazo!

  2. K.

    Jul 17

    Mine’s in the oven right now! LOVE your show!!!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jul 25

      Thanks so much K, I hope you loved the flan 🙂

  3. Jocelyn

    Jun 05

    If it is flan napolitano shouldn’t it be mascarpone instead of regular cream cheese??

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jun 12

      You can go ahead and use mascarpone Jocelyn, I like better the texture that results from using cream cheese 😉

  4. Elvira H.

    Nov 17

    Hi, Pati – I enjoy watching your show on PBS and had to try your flan Napolitano. I was nervous about making the caramel since the only caramel I have made in the past uses a small amount of water but I stuck with it and it came out beautifully and muy delicioso! Mil gracias, Pati.

    1. Pati Jinich

      Nov 22

      So glad you liked it Elvira, un abrazo!

  5. Roz

    Nov 16

    Is the cream cheese from a block or the whipped kind?

    1. Pati Jinich

      Nov 22

      From a brick Roz, enjoy!

  6. ChomStories! YouTube

    Jul 22

    I have never had flan! I’m ashamed to say 🙂 I made it today! It was so easy and delicious! Thank you so much Pati!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jul 26

      Glad you try your first with my recipe, thank you!

  7. Jose Ochoa

    Jun 24

    ¡Que sabroso! Tonight I made this as a dessert for my boyfriend and I. We both loved it! This is the perfect flan in my opinion and I will probably never use any other recipe again! I baked mine in an 8″ square baking dish and made a couple other adjustments. I have to say it exceeded my expectations and I definitely will be making this again and again.

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jun 27

      Muchas gracias Jose, glad you liked the flan. Hugs to you guys!

  8. Liza

    Jun 11

    Hi Pati,

    Can this recipe be used with a cake pan rather than ramekins?

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jun 21

      Absolutely Liza, go for it!

  9. Renee Mullins

    May 23

    What can I use instead of ramekins?

    1. Pati Jinich

      May 23

      Hi Renee! You can try a muffin tin or even mugs, good luck 🙂

  10. Miguelito

    May 18

    ¡Hola Pati! I made this flan and absolutely loved it. Had some amazing flavor and was relatively easy to make. However the caramel stuck to the bottom of the ramekins. Any suggestions for next time?

    1. Pati Jinich

      May 20

      Hey Miguelito, thanks for the feedback! Some of the caramel will inevitably stick to the bottom as the flan cooks, next time try to add a bit more to each ramekin so more of it will stay on the flan 😉

  11. Pati Kratky

    May 03

    Querida Pati!😊
    We watch all of your episodes on Prime Amazon and we are BIG fans!
    This was my first official flan and it came out SO PERFECT!! We couldn’t get enough of it, thank you so much for this and all of your wonderful recipes!💖

    1. Pati Jinich

      May 03

      Awesome Pati! Flan is one of my favorite desserts ever, so much I have many recipes here in the website for you. How about this one? https://patijinich.com/pati_2020/orange-vanilla-flan/

      1. Pati

        May 10

        My mom and I can’t wait to make this one as well! Gracias!💖

        1. Pati Jinich

          May 11

          Thanks Pati, you will not regret it 🙂

  12. Pati Godinez Kratky

    May 03

    Querida Pati!😊
    We watch all of your episodes on Prime Amazon and we are BIG fans!
    This was my first official flan and it came out SO PERFECT!! We couldn’t get enough of it, it is so authentic, reminded me of my childhood! Thank you so much for this and all of your wonderful recipes!💖

    1. Pati Jinich

      May 03

      Gracias a ti Pati! Love it when my recipes bring back good memories to you guys 😉

  13. Matthew

    Apr 19

    I am going to make it this afternoon. I will bring this recipe back to Siargao Island in the Philippines, along with many of your others. I will bring at least one full suitcase of various dried chilis!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 19

      Thanks so much Matthew! Hope your friends and family in the Philippines enjoy all the goodies 😉

  14. Cerra Sampson

    Apr 15

    Hi Pati,

    We are super excited about making this, but I don’t have small ramekins. 😬 What other type of dish can I do this in? You’re the best!


    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 16

      Hi Cerra, thanks for your message! If you do not have ramekins, you may use a muffin pan or even over proof mugs or tea cups 😉

  15. Linda

    Apr 13

    Hola Pati se me olvido taparlos con aluminio!!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 16

      Oh no! They became all watery right? 🙁

  16. Jorge

    Apr 12


    Just saw you episode. Instead of ramekins, what other pan do you recommend for your Flan at 350 degrees and and how many minutes?

    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 16

      Hi Jorge, you may try to use a muffin pan or even mugs and tea cups. The temperature and baking times should be about the same. Enjoy!

  17. Lydia

    Apr 11

    Hi pati, just made it , my daughter tried it but did not let it cool completely, was not creamy but grainy. Did I overbeat it,she loved it and ate the whole thing. What did I do wrong .

    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 19

      Hi Lydia, I think the problem my have been that your flan was a bit overcooked. Make sure your oven is at 350 F and that you cook the flan in the middle rack for 45 minutes. Good luck!

  18. Liz*

    Apr 10

    Hola pati
    Y que pasa si no tengo los moldesitos de vidrio puedo usar uno grande?

    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 19

      Claro Liz, o tambien puedes usar un molde para muffins o hasta tazas para cafe 🙂 Gracias por tu mensaje.

  19. Elizabeth Rosas

    Apr 08

    Hi Paty…I made your Flan today and it was delicious. My family devoured it and said I requested I make it again.

    I really liked how easy it was to prepare and bake. Thank you for sharing wonderful recipes. I plan to make the Chilorio next week!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 09

      Bravo Elizabeth, so glad you flan was a hit 😉 Chilorio will not disappoint either, good luck!

  20. Lisa Langley

    Apr 04

    I am so excited to try this recipe , I am a bit nervous about the Carmel part but you make it look so easy.and yummy ,can’t wait to try this thank you.

    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 06

      Do not be nervous, you are going to do great! With the caramel just make sure you do not let it burn or it will become really bitter and ruin the whole thing 😀

  21. Faye Seaberg

    Mar 28

    My husband loves Flan. Seeing you make this and seemIng so simple, I am hoping I can succeed. Thank you for making your recipes available.

    1. Pati Jinich

      Apr 02

      Hi Faye! I hope you tried this recipe; please let me know how your husband liked it 😉

    2. Jeffrey

      Jun 13

      Hola Pati! Can I substitute the sweetened condensed milk with canned dulce de leche? Made your tres leches cake for a very special occasion last night and it was the BIGGEST hit! Gracias por todo

      1. Pati Jinich

        Jun 21

        Yes Jeffrey, it is actually a great idea! It will not be Napolitano anymore but it will come out super yummy, enjoy!

  22. D.Camacho

    Mar 07


    1. Pati Jinich

      Mar 08

      Thank you! 😉

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