NBC Today: Mexican Cookies

I had such a nice time personalizing the Scribble cookies for the Today Show crew, rolling out the Anise Seed Ropes, and making the gooey dough for the Piggies with Al Roker on the Today Show. 

Here is a clip of the cooking segment, where we made the three different cookie recipes: the playful Piloncillo Piggies, the elegant Anise Seed Ropes and the fun chocolaty Scribbles. 

Click here, to get the full recipes

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  1. Danette

    Dec 08

    Pati, Thank you so much… I am so excited…I know you will figure out a fantastic recipe!! 🙂

    1. Pati

      Dec 09


  2. Danette B

    Dec 01

    Pati, i am looking for a recipe for those 1/2inch thick huge cookiest sold at the mexican store..sometimes they are swirled white and pink, sometimes glazed and covered in candy sprinkles. I have looked a long time and if there is a recipt and a secret to making these tasty cookies I WOULD LOVE, LOVE,LOVE IT!! Thanks for your time Danette! 😉

    1. Pati

      Dec 07

      Oh I know what you are looking for! Will test for you.

  3. Sherry Sewell

    Aug 01

    I missed the first part of the cookie recipe that you added the different snacks that you had in your pantry. The recipe did not require eggs. I was unable to find it in the website.

  4. jennie

    Apr 01

    I need receipe for anice seed rope cookies

  5. Joshua

    Dec 08

    Great job Pati! Was this your first TV appearance?

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