NBC Today: One-Pot Mexican Steak and Potato Stew with Guajillo Sauce

I had so much fun this morning on the Today Show making one of my favorite one-pot meals with Willie Geist.

If you missed it, click here to watch!

You can get the full recipe here.


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  1. robin the Shipwreck

    Nov 28

    You are the ‘greatest’!!! You are the only personality that can carry on a conversation, with mucho grace, while you are eating….mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    (I am doing this as soon as the Wife vacates the kitchen from Holiday cookie making….)

    Me encanta tu show!!!

    1. Pati

      Nov 29

      Hahaha…thank you so much Robin!

  2. Lori Martucciello

    Apr 25

    Hello Pati, first I want to say, I absolutely adore you: your beautiful “sunshiney” personality and your wonderful cooking. I am instantly put into the happy zone when I watch your show, so thank you for that!

    I do have 2 quick questions: First, for the Mexican Steak and Potato Stew with Guajillo Sauce recipe, do you think I could still have success using dried Chipotle peppers versus the Guajillo? I can find the chipotle but the guajillo are not anywhere local. Is there something inherently different in the peppers that it would make a big difference?

    2nd question: With regard to the beautiful large orange pot that you do a lot of cooking in on your show, I think it’s a Le Creuset, I was wondering what size it is? I need to buy one.

    Thank you SO MUCH!

    1. Pati

      Apr 27

      Oh thank you so much Lori!! For the stew…chipotle papers are super super spicy, so they won’t work. Instead of guajillos, you can use dried Anaheim or New Mexico chiles. For the pot, yes it is a 5 qt Le Creuset.

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