Season One

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  1. Hi Pati,
    My fiancee and really enjoy your show. We have been making some of your dishes (Carnitas, Borracho Beans, Corn Tortillas). I hope you continue your fabulous work with the show and your cookbook.



  2. I watch your shows, and love them, I got your cook book, but did not find any of the recipes from the show. I was so disappointed how can I find the recipes from the show.

  3. I just love your show, About as much as I love eating mexican foods .I can’t find a recipe I saw on your show. avacdo icecream. I know what goes into it just not the amount. I love icecream but, I have to eat gluten free . I deffently can have this . I cant seam to find it . I would like to try it out. thank you so very much christine paul.