spiced sweet mexican coffee or cafe de olla

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Spiced Sweet Mexican Coffee

Spiced Sweet Mexican Coffee

Café de Olla

Recipe Yield

6 servings

Cooking time

15 minutes

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  • 6 cups water
  • 6 tbsp coarsely ground dark roasted coffee
  • 4 oz piloncillo can substitute for brown sugar
  • 1 cinnamon stick

To Prepare

  • Heat the water in a pot set over medium heat (using a clay pot is the traditional way to prepare it and it gives it a very unique flavor, but it isn’t necessary). When the water comes to a boil, lower the heat and add the coffee, piloncillo, and a cinnamon stick.
  • Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring until the piloncillo dissolves. Remove from the heat, let it stand covered for 5 to 10 minutes and strain before serving. Alternatively, you may remove the cinnamon and use a French press to strain the coffee as well.


16comments inSpiced Sweet Mexican Coffee

  1. Zoe

    Jul 02

    We are just flying back from Mexico where we fell in love with this coffee. I’m thrilled to find a recipe from YOU- a long trusted and beloved source of cooking inspiration in our household. Can’t wait to give this a go. MUCH appreciated. 🙏

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jul 03

      Aw Zoe, this is very sweet of you, thanks!

  2. Susan Foster

    Sep 10

    Its just delicious!

    1. Pati Jinich

      Oct 03


  3. Donna Mathre

    Oct 20

    Hi Pati for people who like cream in their coffee , could you use the sweened condenced can sweet milk to replace the other can sugar ? I want to try it . but don’t want to rune good coffee ! do you think it would work . or maybe 1/2 the sugar and half a can of the sweetened crème . ? maybe I’ll play around with it. forhere in Colodo winters get pretty cold and snow so sounds like a great thing to warm us up from the inside out !! thanks .

    1. Pati Jinich

      Oct 21

      This would be great, Donna. I recommend you play with the proportions based on how sweet you like your coffee. Enjoy and stay warm!

  4. Cookie

    Jun 04

    What is piloncillo? Do I understand that I can use brown sugar instead?

    1. Pati

      Jun 05

      Oh here’s some information on piloncillo http://patijinich.com/pati_2020/piloncillo/ And you can substitute it with brown sugar….and the coffee will still be delicious!

  5. Mother of five

    Mar 15

    Hi Pati! My kids and I LOVE trying all your recipes. This one is definitely a favorite around here. Was just wondering though…you mentioned on your show that cinnamon purchased at a grocery store in the US is different than cinnamon sticks you’d get from Mexico. What is the name of the variety of cinnamon stick you prefer? Maybe I could order it on Amazon. Thanks!

    1. Pati

      Mar 15

      Thank you trying and loving my recipes! It is called Ceylon, or Canela in Spanish, and here is some more information on it: http://patijinich.com/pati_2020/cinnamon/

  6. Barbara

    Nov 08

    I’ve been looking for a coffee recipe that my Abuelita used to make when I was a kid back in ’50’s. This is a perfect match. Thank You for bringing back good memories.

    1. Pati

      Nov 10

      I’m so happy to hear that it brings back so many good memories!

  7. GG

    Mar 09

    Really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Pati

      Mar 10

      Thank YOU!

  8. Rockstar

    Feb 12

    You da bomb

    1. Pati

      Feb 13


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