The Splendid Table: Jewish Mexican Food Talk


The Splendid Table: Jewish Mexican Food Talk

Is there something called Mexican Jewish Food? You bet! Jewish people brought their staple dishes to Mexico since the late 15th century. They became enriched with the exotic ingredients and cooking methods found in Mexico’s kitchens, with fabulous results.

I had the pleasure of talking about it at this week’s Splendid Table. Listen on!

To listen, click here
For the Gefilte Fish a la Veracruzana recipe, click here

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  1. My synagogue in Potomac, B’nai Tzedek, just sponsored a Latin Shabbat this past Friday. On Saturday, I tuned into my favorite NPR show, Splendid Table, and heard your segment. We had just enjoyed a gefilte fish meal very similar to the one you described as well as other latin flavored dishes. Considerable coincidence, I thought. Now, though I am a complete disaster in the kitchen, I’m going to check out your classes downtown! My husband is from Costa Rica and we had a large turnout for the Latin Shabbat, with members representing a number of countries throughout Central and South America. I wish you all the best and look forward to your show on PBS.

    1. Hi Suzi,
      Your Latin Shabbat sounds lovely! I look forward to meeting you in my classes downtown at some point… Meanwhile, jump in and try that Veracruzana style Gefilte Fish, you can make it with the already pre-made fish mixture sold in frozen sections in Kosher Mart, for example. You will find it’s easy! Very best, Pati