Malted Tequila Milkshake


Malted Tequila Milkshake

Why a malted tequila milkshake, you may ask? Because we can!

And because it is outrageously delicious and silky and smooth and a true treat.

And because we have so much to celebrate: Mexican cuisine is stepping out of the “ethnic” denomination and proudly stepping into the mainstream as people’s appetite has increased to the point of wanting to get to know it better…

And because misconceptions about Mexicans, Mexican food and Mexican ingredients continue to be broken, and the beauty, diversity, richness and wealth of what “Mexican” encompasses is being acknowledged.

And because the myth that tequila is only worthwhile for being drunk as shots during Spring Break no longer holds true. There is not only good, but phenomenal quality tequila that can be sipped as the finest of whiskeys. To boot, it can also be used as a fine ingredient for mixed drinks, and it has so much versatility that there is even exquisite tequila liqueur that can be sipped as an apéritif or used for desserts.

And because we have the freedom to play in our kitchens, with much respect for our heritage and the ingredients that come along with it, I have taken the liberty of creating this glorious grown up milkshake! I wish I could have made it in time for inclusion in my upcoming cookbook Mexican Today. But every single recipe in there is a recipe I am proud of, whether a rediscovered classic or a new dish. My hope is you will savor every bite of what you try from it, as we do at home.

And because I want to make a toast to you all, with all my gratitude, for coming to this site to visit, for watching any or many of the episodes of my PBS series and  letting me come into your home. Hopefully, I will get to meet many of you during my upcoming 20-plus city book tour.

And because my promise to you is to keep on working as hard as I can to make every single recipe you try here completely worth it.

With much love,


Malted Tequila Milkshake

Malteada de Tequila
1 serving
Course: Dessert, Drinks
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: ice cream, malted milk, milkshake, pati's mexican table, tequila, vanilla
Cook Time 5 minutes


  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons Agavero Tequila Liqueur
  • 2 tablespoons malted milk powder
  • 1 1/4 cup good quality vanilla bean ice cream

To Prepare

  • Pour the milk, vanilla extract, Agavero tequila liqueur, and malted milk powder in the blender and puree until completely blended. Incorporate the ice cream and blend on low speed, just until combined. Pour into a milkshake glass and serve along with a straw or large spoon.

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  1. Pati………..Been a big fan of Agavero for a long time. Never thought about a milkshake. That and your show are now two hits for me. Really enjoy watching your show.

  2. I made your Malted Tequila Milkshakes. Everybody loved them ! I follow a WFPB life , so i made mine with coconut milk ice cream and cashew milk, and it was fabulous. I love watching your show and your recipes are fantastic. Thank you for the inspirations.

  3. I just discovered Agavero recently, in time to take it to an anniversary party for a group of Latino friends. So delicious straight up, not too sweet, and very smooth to drink. I had to drive 30 minutes to get it, since no store in my area carried it, but well worth the trip. Now I guess I’ll have to buy another bottle to make milkshakes!

    1. Myrna,
      You can ask in your local liqueur store, or look online! I recommend using a tequila liqueur, but it is also phenomenal with normal tequila!

  4. Hola Pati
    Me da mucho gusto en conocerte vía TV por PBS.
    En Chicago mi Padre fue salesmen de productos hispanos y yo cuando niño lo acompañaba a las bodegas y restaurantes mexicanos, así conocí a comer la deliciosa comida de tu querido México.
    Muchas Gracias Pati por seguir influyendo tu cultura y tradición atraves de tus recetas. Puert Rico Te Ama.

  5. Tried this recipe last night. We all loved it. Not too sweet and had a nice little kick. Everyone should try a little sip of this Tequila, it’s wonderful. Thanks Pati for another great recipe!

  6. Good morning Pati. I just read the recipe for this shake. If it’s anything like the other recipes in your first book, I’ll be hooked. I mentioned to you before, how much I truly loved your first book. I couldn’t stop trying the different recipes out. I can’t wait for your 2nd book. Thank you again for allowing people to experience your way of cooking. You are an excellent teacher!!!

  7. Pati! My new favorite milkshake! It will definitely “bring all the Boyz to the yard”!
    I purchased Pati’s Mexican Table…what a beautiful cookbook. It makes me very happy that I pre-ordered your latest endeavor. I wish I had a 1/10 of your energy & work ethic! DELICIOSO!

  8. Hola Pati,
    The only kind of liqueur I really enjoy is “baileys irish”. That’s more my speed. But this shake sounds like it would be just as good and I’ll have to give it a try. But I must find Agavero first. Thanks for the recipe.


  10. Hi Ms. Pati,
    I love your program, and would like to know if you will be coming to Louisiana any time soon?
    Thank you.

  11. I just love all your food an drinks any more pretty hot Latino women out there hint hint Ramiro Rodriguez

  12. My wife & I love all your recipes! I know this will be another favorite to make on all occasions! Keep making great food and cookbooks for us to use! We love them all. We are a fan of Mexican cuisine!? Would love to see you at one of your shows.

  13. Hi Pati , Are you still teaching cooking class in Washington DC If so can you send me the information ? Thank you , Sherrie

  14. Never heard of Tequila Liqueur…I have to admit that Tequila makes me quite ill although other alcohol doesn’t but I sure do like the taste of it. I will give this Liqueur a try!

    1. Thank you for trying it, Cristina! I do not want you to get sick though… It can be made without tequila… like I make for my boys =)

  15. Hi Pati

    I can’t wait to make it tonight, thanks to you my wife loves Mexican food, before she was very skeptical about ingredients but now we can both enjoy the same food at dinner.