Molino “El Pujol”


Molino “El Pujol”

By Eduardo | @cazadordelomejor

From one day to the next, heirloom corn became a strong topic of conversation in Mexico. However, heirloom corn varieties have been a cornerstone of Mexican cuisine.

Chefs in Mexico City, Enrique Olvera included, have been using heirloom corn in their restaurants for years to make fresh tortillas, tamales, gorditas, or other antojitos that are made after the nixtamalized corn is turned into masa. Personalities like Olvera are aware of the importance of communicating the use of non-modified, non-GMO, pure, heirloom corn to Mexicans and the world.

molino el pujol

At the end of April, Molino “El Pujol” was born. A small tortilla shop in the Condesa neighborhood run by Enrique and his team, whose main restaurant Pujol is on San Pellegrino’s list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

The team behind Molino has gotten very creative and built up a small menu that ranges from an avocado taco wrapped in an acuyo leaf, to the more complex corn cob smothered with chicatana ant, coffee and costeño chile mayo, to a cold glass of corn water to wash it all down. Molino is a sophisticated tortilleria, indeed.

molino el pujol

The place itself is simple, yet impressive. As you walk in, on the right, you’ll find a large corn mill and baskets of different heirloom corn varieties for sale. On the left, there is a small 6-seat counter with illustrations by Hilda Palafox, a well known Mexican artist and illustrator. At the end of the counter, you’ll see a refrigerator with fresh salsas and Mexican craft beer.

Molino “El Pujol” supports numerous families in different states of Mexico whose livelihood depends on producing heirloom corn varieties.

molino el pujol

Molino “El Pujol,” General Benjamín Hill 146, Hipódromo Condesa, Ciudad de México

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  1. Patti we missed visiting el Molino in January of last year when we visited Mexico City. However we did have a chance to eat at El Pujol restaurant and I have to say it was an absolute experience. Being presented with the best of
    the best of any product used and the history behind each ingredient was wonderful.

    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. Your recipes are great!

    1. Glad to read you have the chance to visit Pujol, I think it is ranked now as the best restaurant in Mexico! It is truly an experience. Thanks for the kind words Margaret 😉

  2. Can I buy this if I live in Florida?
    BTW I love you Patti… I just got back from a National Geographic excursion tho the Yuketan, which was inspired by YOU!.
    I would like to go back for a, say, 1 week cooking class. What would you recommend?
    Also, I made one of your moles (my first) and I’m sooo happy because everyone absolutely loved it (the one with tomatillos). I posted it on my Facebook. Soooo Yummy, Quell Rico!!!

  3. Recently visited the Molino, recommend the salsa Verde. Very tasty. Also the rose tortillas were very good for making quesadillas. Thanks for making me aware of the Molino el Pujol.

  4. Will be spending a month in Condesa starting August 1. Plan to visit El Molino Pujol. Enjoy everything Pati. Gracias.

  5. This place sounds amazing! Would be awesome if you lead a trip to Mexico & all your fave places! As if you needed something more to do! 😉

  6. Dear Pati: I absolutely cannot wait for your new season of Pati’s Mexican Table. It’s a joy to watch you and how much you love Mexico and Mexican cuisine. You are truly inspiring. Buen provecho!

      1. And, thanks to you Pati, I can no longer go the movies without sneaking in a large bag of Pepitas! 😋

  7. Great news. I will be “living” in Condesa the month of August. I will definitely check out Molino “El Pujol”. Thanks for posting.

  8. Any local heirloom corn or even Mexican corn that is heirloom that we can get in the states to make our own tortillas? How was your experience at Molino El Pujol? It loooks amazing… Any people you reccomend getting in touch with to do food tours in Mexico City?

  9. Watching them make corn tortillas is an amazing experience. Growing up here right on the border we use to go as young girls across the border to buy corn tortillas and to stand there watching them was amazing and the taste of a freshly made corn tortilla wrap in freshly bought Mexican cheese, yummy. Do you have recommendations of restaurants in San Miguel de Allende which we are going back again in October? We fell in love with the town.

    1. Oh those tortillas sound amazing! And yes I have lots of recommendations….La Colmena, San Agustin, The Restaurant, Moxi, Bove….Have a great trip, Paulette.