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I have enjoyed being the Mexico City picks correspondent here at Today’s recommendation is quite personal and may be a bit biased because the place I am recommending was opened by my mom (Karen) and I. It is called Niddo.

Niddo is a small corner space on a quiet, tree-filled street called Dresde. In Mexico City’s Colonia Juárez, just a block behind Paseo de la Reforma and a couple minutes away from the iconic Diana Cazadora statue. It’s a street most people had never heard of or drove by, yet it’s located in the very heart of this city. 

eggs at Niddo

The space is divided into two concepts: the open kitchen and the café. Breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch in the kitchen space. Coffee from Chiapas, baked goods, beverages and a collection of items that we’ve been curating for some time are for sale in the café space.

Niddo bread

We like to call our food “comida que apapacha,” which means food that hugs your soul — and your stomach. We make very simple food with the best ingredients and let some of our family roots and history into each dish. From babka to shakshuka to chilaquiles or a grilled cheese sandwich. I grew up in a Jewish family in Mexico. My great-great-grandparents were Polish, and we lived for a long time in Vancouver, a very multi-cultural city. We picked up on a lot of different cuisines along the way.

niddo sandwich

Niddo is tiny, yet was designed to feel abundant with mirrors on almost every wall, tall ceilings and arched passageways — and a guaranteed view of the open kitchen at every seat. One of our main goals while designing the space was to eliminate the division you usually find between the kitchen and dining room at a traditional restaurant. Niddo’s entrance is actually through the kitchen.

The shakshuka at Niddo is the perfect breakfast. A rich and hearty tomato and bell pepper stew mixed with cumin, cayenne pepper, zaatar, fresh parsley, two poached eggs, and Lebanese yogurt. My mom learned to make it during the frequent trips to Israel as a child and perfected it after years and years of making it at home.

Niddo shakshuka

Niddo’s menu is small and is constantly changing and evolving. We try to travel as much as we can around Mexico and different countries to absorb different cultures into our food and bring home ingredients.

Niddo feels like home and tastes like it too. 

Niddo, Dresde 2, Colonia Juárez, CDMX

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  1. Thank you for opening Niddo and posting about it! It truly is a nest of comfort and exactly as described! We were told it was going to be an hour wait when we got there on a mid Saturday morning so we got coffee and pastries at the cafe. As we were about to tuck into our pastries, the hostess came over and said our table was ready!
    The food. Shashuka – so flavorful and complex! The babka French toast- warm, soft and custardy without being overly sweet or eggy. Both were so amazing! The concha was fluffy and the scone was tender. So comforting!
    The coffee from Chiapas was really good too. My partner and I even have a bet riding on it. He swears it’s peaberry! Eduardo? 🙂 Definitely memorable.
    Niddo was one of our favorite spots. Maybe even our new favorite place for brunch in Mexico City!

  2. I love your cooking and your tv show. It’s great when you visit the cities in Mexico. It’s a great introduction to the country and culture. You are a wonderful ambassador to Mexico’s richness.

  3. We are going to Mexico City in a few days and we really want to try Niddo! Is it necessary to make a reservation? I also understand from reading this post that the restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch.

  4. For my next trip to Mexico City, I am going to stop by to Niddo Restaurant! 👍🏼
    Gracias por promover la deliciosasa comida Mexicana!

  5. Pati,
    Such interesting story about you and family. Your mom’s restaurant sounds wonderful! I need to plan a trip back to Mexico City. I haven’t been there since 1989 when I studied in Cuernavaca for the summer. I definitely need to go and check out Niddo’s.

  6. Patient- really enjoy your cooking and was wondering if you have a recipe for chorizo, a recipe for making Mexican chorizo?

  7. We’re very proud of you and the way your whole family represent Mexico and it’s people. Congratulations and gracias por poner la cultura culinaria mexicana en alto!!!!!
    About Niddo, it is not in any best places to eat magazines, I wish I had known about it before I just came back from Mexico City. Saludos.

  8. Niddo is the best Cafe in Mexico City! The location is unbeatable! Eduardo, Karen and their friendly team, will fill you with their delicious coffee and pastries, and make you feel so at home, that you will never want to leave!

  9. Wonderful to acknowledge the Jewish community in MX! The restaurant sounds delicious and a delightful place to visit. Thank you for posting this!