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Ice Cream Makers

You can use almost anything to serve ice cream. We love ice cream so much around here that we have collected all sorts of ice cream scoops! Just as you can use many kinds of scoops to serve, there are many ways of making ice cream at home.

The best part of making your own ice cream is that you can choose whatever flavor, whatever consistency and whatever mix. Your uncle who is crazy about bourbon is coming over? Bourbon ice cream it is. Your kids are crazy about peanut butter and banana? You can even make it a chunky mix.

Here are some ways you can make ice cream at home…

Get an Ice Cream Maker

As easy as it is to scoop the ice cream when it is ready and as fun as it is to choose the flavors, making it at home only gets as easy as finding a good ice cream maker.

All you do is whip up the mix and leave the machine to do its thing. There are plenty of models to choose from. I have a very simple and basic one, and it works really well.

If you want to fall deeper down the DIY hole, you can try one of these options, which may be good for picnics and just plain fun in the back yard:

Kick It Around, Ice Cream Maker Ball

No electricity needed. Just head to the back yard. All you have to do is add ice and rock salt in one end of the ball and ice cream mix in the other end. There are lots of different models to choose from so just follow the manufacturers’ directions.

However, as fun as it looks, be warned, ice cream balls are very heavy and hard. In all honesty, a bit challenging for the kids to kick around. We sure have given it a try, once… See below…

In a bag, the old fashioned way…

Making Ice Cream in a Bag

Recipe Yield

Cooking time

25 minutes

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  • Your favorite ice cream mix
  • 2 cups ice
  • 1/4 cup rock salt also known as ice cream salt
  • A 1-quart very sturdy plastic ziplock bag
  • A 1-gallon very sturdy plastic ziplock bag

To Prepare

  • Pour your ice cream mix into the quart-sized plastic bag and shake. Then place the ice along with the rock salt in the gallon-sized bag and shake. Place the quart bag into the gallon bag. Wrap the gallon bag in a large towel and massage the bags, roll back and fourth across the top of your counter or a somewhat flat surface, or have the kids shake them up with a friend, until the ice cream thickens — a good 20 minutes. Don’t go wild on the massaging, rolling or shaking, because you don’t want either of the plastic bags to break.


9comments inIce Cream Makers

  1. Sally

    Jul 19

    I would have liked you to give your ice cream recipe fo the amount needed for this method. Ice cream recipes I have are for a gallon. Having the recipe with the description of the method would have been helpful.

    1. Pati Jinich

      Jul 19

      No problem Sally, here is one of the many ice cream recipes I have here on the site this post was more to talk about the method than the actual ice cream, but you are right 😉

  2. Ken

    Apr 03

    I can only find recipes for ice-cream base that use tons of sugar. Is there a really old recipe that does not use sugar, or at least the refined versions commonly used.

      1. Ken

        Apr 25

        Thank you, Pati!

  3. Christee

    Mar 16

    Pati, please share the leche quemada recipe…..pretty pleeeze!

  4. Joyce Gorman

    Jun 30

    I love your show and your innovative (at least for me) cooking style. Everything is so fresh and interesting and the presentations are wonderful!

    1. Pati

      Jul 05

      Thank you, Joyce!

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