Chiles Rellenos

Chiles Rellenos

6 to 8 chiles rellenos
Pati Jinich
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: ancho chiles, cheese, chiles rellenos, chilis, chillis, fried, poblanos, stuffed
Author:Pati Jinich
Prep Time: 45 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Chiles Rellenos recipe from Pati's Mexican Table Season 4, Episode 11 "Family Favorites"


  • 6 to 8 poblano chiles, (about 2 pounds)
  • 1 batch red sauce or salsa roja
  • 3 to 4 cups grated melty cheese, such as Oaxaca, Monterey Jack, mozzarella or Muenster
  • 4 eggs, separated
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • Vegetable oil for frying

To Prepare

To prepare the poblano chiles:
  • Place chiles on a tray under the broiler, directly on the grill, or directly over the open flame. I prefer to broil them. Whatever method you choose, turn them every 2 to 3 minutes for a total of 6 to 9 minutes. They must seem charred and blistered on the outside, while the flesh must be cooked but not burnt. Place them immediately in a plastic bag, close it tightly and let them sweat for 10 to 20 minutes. Lastly, under a thin stream of cold water, remove the charred skin, which should come right off. Make a slit down one side of the pepper and remove the cluster of seeds and veins. Once cleaned, pat them dry.
  • Stuff each of the poblano chiles with about 1/2 cup grated cheese, or as much as will fit, allowing them to close. You may seal with a toothpick. Place 1/2 cup flour on a plate, roll the stuffed chiles in the flour and let them sit. The flour coating will help the batter coat and stay on the chiles.
To prepare the batter:
  • In a stand mixer, beat the egg whites until they hold stiff peaks. Gently, on low speed, fold in the egg yolks and only beat enough so that they are incorporated, a few seconds.
To cook the chiles:
  • In a large casserole, heat about 1/2-inch of oil over medium to medium-high heat. Once hot, test the oil, by dipping a teaspoon of batter into the oil; if there are active bubbles all around it, it’s ready. Dip each of the stuffed and floured chiles into the egg batter, making sure that they are entirely covered in batter.
  • In batches, place them in the hot oil without overcrowding, trying to have the side that was open or sealed with the toothpick facing up. Spoon some of the hot oil on top, so that it will seal the chile. Fry for about 2 minutes per side, flipping genly with a slotted spoon, until golden brown. Transfer to a paper-towel covered drying rack or platter.
To serve:
  • Heat the salsa roja. Serve the chiles with a generous amount of salsa roja spooned on top. Alternatively, you can place the chiles in a casserole and top with the heated salsa roja. Eat while hot and melty!

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  1. Wow! I have always ordered Chiles Rellenos in the restaurants here in Tucson and in Douglas. First try I didn’t get the “char” right and the chiles cooked, hard to process but still tasted great. Last night I did the charring in the broiler and much better outcome, delicious and “ummmm” for sure, thank you for your precise recipes. Also made your Red Sauce and Mexican Style Rice.
    I’m really glad I didn’t have your camera crew hovering over me… it would not have been a usable show! Loved your Tucson and Hermosillo shows, really close to home.

  2. I grew up on the border of Mexico in a town called Douglas Arizona learned how to make every conceivable Mexican recipe from our housekeeper. I have always had trouble making chili Rellanos until I found your recipe I’m making them tonight for dinner keep your fingers crossed I think they’ll turn out great. I remember my mom made them the same way and my mom is not a Mexican but she grew up on the border like I did. My husband and I eat Mexican food at least three times a week and enjoy all of this I now live in Phoenix so I can still get all the things I need. love all the recipes. Muchas gracias!

  3. We saw an episode for chilies rellenos last Sunday. I tried to find the recipe on line. The red sauce had dried chiles Colorado in the sauce. I couldn’t find that particular recipeon line. Did you bring it up a notch? But going by memory we made it work. The sauce is amazing the chilies are to die for. This will be our favorite go to recipe from now on. Thank you!!!

  4. Hola Pati!

    If my chile poblanos are too soft and tearing a bit while trying to remove seeds and stuff, is that because I overcooked/overcharred them? Thank you

    1. Most likely yes Stephanie, just char them to the point where it is easy to peel them but they are sturdy enough to be cleaned inside and the stuffed. Good luck!

  5. I made these for dinner and they were amazing!! My heart is in Mexico, I love the culture and the people. My husband is from Mexico and we just returned from living there. Thank you so much for your inspiration to cook great food!! Viva Mexico 🇲🇽!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi, Pati! Chiles rellenos is my parents’ favorite Mexican dish. Made this for Father’s Day and it was a total success! The whole family have already asked for it again as there were no leftovers. Thank you 🙂

  7. Hi Pati! My husband and I are huge fans of you and your show and I’m a huge fan of chiles rellenos. The best I’ve ever had were in a small farming community in western Kansas, where Mexican immigrants opened restaurants (I live in western NY, but my best friend’s husband is a doctor in KS). I’m a pretty good home cook– my adult children still ask my advice, which is amazing. Still, I was afraid to tackle chiles rellenos. Until tonight when I tried your recipe. What went well: the salsa roja was so good I wanted to lick the plate. What could have been better? The chiles rellenos were greasy. They were delicious, but greasy, and that made them heavy. Would using less oil help? What about using an air fryer? I’d love your advice. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Deborah for your message! To be honest with you I have not tried an air fryer for these before, but I’ve heard that it works wonderfully. If you try, please let me know how they come out!

  8. “Place them immediately in a plastic bag”
    Cover with a bowl, or place in bowl with plate (or the baking pan) covering it.
    No need for plastic.

  9. I made these, and they are delicious! I used mozzerella in my husband’s, because he is picky about cheese. These are going to be a regular thing!

    1. Thanks April. I am SO glad to hear everyone liked the Chiles Rellenos, those are always a crowd favorite 😉

  10. Made this recipe for the first time and it was great. I did add some chopped up sautéed shrimp in with Oaxaca shredded cheese. Used your Tomatillo salsa instead of the red tomato salsa. It was outstanding.

    Love your recipes!

  11. our version we cut the chiles first 1/2 to 2/3 length of chilie a slit for stuffing…with cheese, beans , chorizo w hominy….or( Pasilla, Hatch and /or fat guerro chiles ) and place them in a closed paper bag….No water, scrape off burnt parts with fingers, small paring knife. This makes a firmer, sturdier relleno.I don’t like them flabby like the canned!!!
    Then corn starch finely sifted is put in a paper bag and the chilies are lightly coated. Only corn starch is used in yolks I T per yolk.No flour…puffier!
    Ventura , Ca home of The famous Ortega family & Chili of same name

  12. Pati, so glad I made this. It was sooo good and everything I expected. I got to use a lot of my gadgets, my mixer, blender and toothpicks! Thank you for being your best.

  13. Desr Patti.
    May i please have the recipe for “drunken rice & chicken” you made in this video?
    Thank you so much. Lj

  14. Living in New Mexico I have had my share of Chiles Rellenos, some good, some NOT so good. When I found your recipe I couldn’t wait to make them. Around here they use the green chile but I prefer the poblanos, they work so much easier. Anyway…OMG they are to die for! These are the BEST that I have ever eaten. Other recipes I’ve made over the years seemed like they took for ever to make, yours is so simple and fast. In my book you can do NO wrong…I adore you!

  15. Chile Rellenos…My favorite. Your recipe is the best. I never could get the egg to stick on the chilis until I dusted them with flour per your instructions. Maybe a small detail but it works. Also, I think the salsa roja is great. Wonderfully Good and very taste recipe. Thank you Pati.

  16. Hi Pati, Loving the marathon tonight just wondering about other stuffings for chili Rellenos besides cheese? My husband can’t do much Dairy and I did have one
    That was chicken stuffed years ago. So could you stuff those with cooked chicken and just a little tiny bit of cheese? Thanks

  17. Chiles Rellenos together with the drunken chicken and rice. The red sauce for the Chiles Rellenos also seemed very mild. Had a difficult time removing the charred skin from the chiles. My stove is conduction stove top so I used the oven. I couldn’t remove the skin in the same way as if you were using the gas burner. The chiles tasted very good but I wouldn’t give it stars for looks. Red Sauce seemed very mild. Any suggestions?

  18. Hello Patti,
    I am curious as to why the cheese for the Chile Rellenos is not a Mexican Melting Cheese instead of Monterey Jack, Mozzarella or Muenster cheeses? What is the Traditional Mexican Cheese that should be used.

    Plus, I suppose we could roast some Chiles for the Red Sauce to make it a little spicier? Which Chiles do you recommend? I suppose I could use Chile flakes or a pinch or two of red pepper. Just interested in your thoughts.

    1. You can use any Mexican melty cheese like Oaxaca, quesadilla, chihuahua or asadero, Alyson. And or course you can add more chile’s to the sauce if you want it to be spicier, but I personally like them like this…

  19. Hi Pati,
    I love your show. Im so happy to be able to make your chile rellenos. This recipe is wonderful and a new family favorite. I grew poblanos this year for this very reason. Needless to say, today I had 25 peppers on the grill.
    I roasted the skin and peeled, before I seeded and stuffed them. Then went on to freezing for later use. Of course, I had to make sone too 🙂
    So looking forward to many conforting meals this winter. I also made and canned the roja sauce from my garden tomatoes and garlic. My family loves it. Looking forward to seeing more of your recipes.

  20. Best chile rellenos we’ve had or made. A little time consuming, but worth it. I even grew poblanos and more tomatoes this year just for this recipe. Thank you for sharing this recipe. After watching your tv show, I knew I had to have them.

  21. Hi Pati, if I don’t want to deep fry you said you could put them in oven with red sauce. Do you do the whole process up until flouring, place them in pot with red sauce or on pan with red sauce

    1. That’s right, Sue! So prepare the Chile’s (roast, peel, seed, and stuff with cheese) and then cover with red sauce and cook in the oven or saucepan for 15-20 min.

  22. Hi Pati! I am really excited to make these for my husband and his family (they are Filipino and love Mexican food) Could you remind me what goes in the salsa roja?

  23. good morning. I am going to attempt to make these as this recipe reminds me of my late Mother. I have one question, though.
    after she would make the rellenos, she would make a little appetizer with dried shrimp and the egg mixture. I have never seen these done anywhere else and want to know if you can shine some light on them for me.


    1. ​Oh these are shrimp croquettes, sometimes called Romeritos when mixed with mole… will try to add to website soon. And I hope you enjoy the chiles rellenos!

  24. Loved making these they are so delicious but than again I love them anyway I can get them. I was also wondering if you have ever heard of Chili Rellenos with a white sauce the only place I have had them is at a restaurant in Visalia California called Colima’s Mexican & Seafood Restaurant was wondering how they make them and hoping you would know

  25. Thank you for this wonderful recipe, I was trying to remember how my grandmother and I made them once, and this helped so much. I’m making them today! Thank you Chef Pati 🙂

  26. I used this recipe to make Chiles Rellenos for the first time. They didn’t look as nice as yours, but they were delish! I shall definitely make them again!. I’m going to freeze my left over red sauce for next time.